who is this guy?

Discussion in 'General' started by DaWodin, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. hey people......anyone remember me?

    it's been a while since i been here but i aint forgotten anybody.....just been countin the days till i could come back on. i still see familliar faces, glad that they're there....im not back for good...this is just a breath in a long swim.....i miss that mod tag but i still luv the city......hope everyone's doin well......just wanted you to know i still existed :D

  2. Glad you stopped in for a few!!! Come back when you can stay longer!!
  3. Whoa- Da Woodin pops in, Cowboy Sax Man rearing his head now and again- next you'll be telling me Eome is back- man, that guy was great...
  4. heh, I have no idea who you are but hey, what's up? (nothing wrong with sucking up to mods, current or former)

    I'm relatively new here but plan on staying for a while, great site all around.
  5. Glad to see you friend! =)

  6. Kick ass!! It's good to see you around DaWodin!!! I hope all is well with you!!!! ;)
  7. Welcome back lost buddy. Hope all is well with you!!!!!
  8. Hey homes long time no see. Us familiar faces are glad to see you too ;)

    p.s. Eome was a punk ass shit eating dick face ;)
  9. wasup nigga its daniel i finally got on the site, holla quickly wit a private message or on this thread cause my e- mail is down
    P.S. when u come back for christmas break

    we gon spark like arsonists
    cause their ain't no stoppin once we've started this

    we gon smoke like steam enginse
    so much weight in bud we should be bench pressin

    bringin joy like E-Bomb
    with a pipe, blunt, or a bong
    this that and or eitha
    we'll use 'em all to smoke the reiffa

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