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  1. Okay so i have 2 friends that always buy weed with me .. we get eigths for 15 a head (45$ ushally) and were all fine w/ doin that..

    well ken owes andrew 70$ and is slowly pain him back each paycheck..

    so monday .. we buy nug .. eight 45.. ken pays 30 (15 for him 15 to pay andrew back and is down to 55$) and i pay 15..

    go home smoke a bowl of the shit and i gotta go to work so i go home.. i bring nug home and stash it go to work .. next day (tuesday) we smoke MY weed that i baught a few days ago and they just pay me 8 $ each and we smoke the whole eight over the course of the day and end up not smokin ne of our bud we baught monday..

    tuesday night comes by were all home and ken gives me a call sayin 'hey you wanna go to the lax game for our school and blaze before it'

    im all about smokin and lax is okay so i go .. i thought andrew would be there too but it was me ken and 3 other kids from our school (1 not smokin so 4 of us).. kens like 'bring the nug we baught monday' and im thinkin (what andrews not commin why would i bring it .. hes gonna get mad) but ken reassures me 'its okay dude i paid for it ill just owe him 70$ again istead of 55 and we can go buy more nug tommro'

    so i bring our eigth with us and we end up smokin it all (except like a gram which i wanted to save for the next day)..

    well the next day comes by.. after school andrew comes over my house and ken goes home for a sec.. i tell andrew about the nug we smoke and hes like 'wow u guys smoked my nug wtf' and im like 'hey man its ALL on ken he said so himself i wanted to call up someone buy new nug but he said it wasnt enough time b4 the game and we had to smoke your eight he said hell owe u 15 more' and i thought andrew was cool with this cuse he didnt bitch about it just stopped talkin..

    so ken comes picks us up .. we drive to d-town and roll a blunt w/ the gram i saved .. while im rollin the blunt andrw brings up the fact we smoke HIS weed w/o him and is FURIOUS .. hes sayin shit like ' i have no problem deckin you in the face right now ken ' and ' im never buyin weed with u guys again ' .. and i was like WTF I didnt do anything.. it was all ken.. but w/e idc i like buyin my own weed save $$ in long run..

    ..whos right? should andrew be FURIOUS i mean hes so pissed his stil lbitchin today in school at ken for it and being an ass to him.. is it fair of him to do this or should andrew shutup cause hes gonna get the money no matter what and he got to smoke..

  2. Well, I would definitly be pissed. But when he found out you smoked a blunt with him, AND he's gettin paid back. He needs to just stfu and chill. I woulda done the same thing you did prolly.
  3. ta word .. i mean we saved taht g and we let him hit that g blunt just cause and hes still gettin paid back..

    ..hes also mad cause it was sum FINEEE pocono bud that kept u ripped for 4+ hrs of head spinnin body flips ;p
  4. Hmm... on one hand, Andrew's getting payed back, so for all intents and purposes it was his money that got thrown away. On the other hand Ken is offering to pick up the slack and still pay him back. So I think he totally overreacted, considering he's still gonna get his money. There's no reason to get all uppity about it but it raises questions of trust for him I guess. What confuses me is that he said he'd gladly punch your friend in the face, but saw it fit to stick around and smoke with you guys. Wouldn't that be really akward?
  5. Why not just split the weed accordingly to what you each paid,that way you smoke what you paid for and noone has a problem...:smoke:

  6. qwell normally .. we all smoke to gother after school.. u kno? since were all 5 feet apart (house wise) ..

    and the reason he said i have no problem punchin u in the face is because ken laughed at him for bitchin (so did i too but i dont thin he heard haha)
  7. Hmm. to be honest, i just dont like the whole situatiion with going in on stuff together, ya know? like i mean it is a good way to save money, but an 8th three ways is very little bud per person. I couldnt imagine HAVING to share it with two other people and HAVING to wait to smoke with them on there schedules. if i were you i would say, you guys resolve this, but in the meantime, ill buy my own nug. BUT i think you didnt do ANYTHING wrong and its being blown outta proportion. but hey. who knows
  8. na the sharing bud isnt a problem for us .. cause we all go home ither on the bus or kens car toghter and just smoke in my garage at 3 every day.. its not like we have other shit to do

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