Who is more badass? John McClaine or Jack Bauer?

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Jack Bauer, hands down
  2. Having seen only half a season of 24 and the ending of Die Hard 2, I'm not one to make a decision here.

    I do like Jack Bauer more, but that might have a lot to do with my brother. He actually owns a CTU t-shirt.


  3. eric cartman
  4. Jack Bauer definitely

    I was so pissed that the writer's strike delayed the 7th season of 24
  5. Bauer

    He will kill his own friends man

    fucking brutal
  6. McLaines a pussy!
  7. psshh... what are yall talking about. john mclain is the fucking man. he could take a bullet to the knee and still kick anyones ass while barefoot walking on broken glass while at the same time trying to diffuse a big ass bomb.
  8. to answer your question, john mcClaine beats jack hands down.

    but what i dont understand is why the hell snake pliskin isn't an option...?

    snake pliskin carjacks mexicans.

    snake pliskin surfs with peter fonda.

  9. Jack Bauer would destroy Mcclaine any day. However, i was thinking about this a few days ago and think that James Bond would kill Jack Bauer. James Bond is the ultimate badass.
  10. Did anyone else read this as "John McCain"? Anyway, everyone knows McClaine is more badass. He can navigate New York City traffic during rush hour.
  11. Jack Baur is a pussy. Always whispering an such, always stressed out. Pffffffffffft.

    McClaine is a beast, he beats up russian mob figures throws people out windows, and always gets pussy. Jack .... cries over women.
  12. I was thinking about this all day and it would definitely be a close tie between them..John McClaine could do Bauer's job any day, and vice versa imo.
  13. James Braddock.
  14. fuckin A :hello:

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