Who is high right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nemesis Star, Sep 30, 2003.


Are you high right now?

  1. Yes (yez-ez)

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  2. No (niz-o)

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  1. Thats it, post. are you high right now? than post.

    this is a part of a scientific social study, conducted by Me! it is fueld by my own interest, and the fact that i am 'tarded
  2. i wish.
  3. i wish too :( ..its been weeks

  4. es la vie

  5. me too,

    but i got a 1/4 hidden away for later
  6. High as the dirt under foot.
  7. Well i could be i have some weed but was thinking on saving it for later should i smoke now?
  8. Id love to be but i gotta save this killer skunk 6 inch joint for another day....

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  9. just woke up so no...i might smoke in a little bit tho
  10. A friend let me in on his shit today. Tomorrow I'm getting some so it's all good. :D
  11. I'm more stoned than high.
  12. I should be so fucking lucky... its been fortnight since I had some weed and its gonna be a few days before I subject myself to smoking hash...
  13. I've been fired up off my own buds.
    Feels great to have the very first hit of some killer shit that this green thumb planted..got to love it...
  14. meeeeeeee tooooooooo wooooohhhhhoooooooooo heyhahahh. :smoke:
  15. :DOH YEAHHH!!!!!!!!...... yay!
  16. I'm ripped. I popped a few blue footballs and have been smoking some of my friends grow. It's a really nice high that I have right now. :D So, yeah...I'm high right now!

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