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Who is criminalized more Black or White?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kristoperobin1, May 17, 2002.

  1. Well neither actually. The correct answer is teens. Everyday hundred of students across the U.S are having there rights striped,strapped,fncked and totally violated. random searches for no more reason then they look dirty does this occour. and if you do get cought whith some "DANGREOUS CHEMICAL" then you will not be able to call a parent or a lawyer, untill there done harassing the hell out of you. Are these searches fair? What next? I hear there even having schools drug test (or legally drug test) anny students that particapate in sports(Thank god i dont do sports/activities). Thats a good way to send all the jocks even more twords drugs when they quite beacuse most do more weed and waaaay more beer then me. But then what? next if you participate in School at all(Which i Legally half to unless parents agree) You would be asked to piss in a cup. Damn, i see alota kids dropping out or going to jail real quick. And is this stricked laws helping annymore then hurting? well guess for yourself. I wish oneday i will be able to live a "norml"

    (peac out)

  2. lol i can tell you're white

    if you're a young black man u will get harrassed much more...cops pull me and my friends over on minor infractions (not using turn signal, failure to come to a complete stop, etc...) on hopes of finding drugs in the car. luckily i've been advised on this by my parents and older friends so i've never had trouble with this.
    To give u a comparison; me and my friend (white) were talking and he mentioned he had been pulled over by the cops. I ask him how many times and he says once. He's been driving longer than I have and I'd been pulled over 5 times. Most of my white friends haven't been pulled over (except for a few who speed excessively and drive crazy) but all of my black friends have been pulled over at least once and on average 3-4 times more than my white friends.
  3. Oh please...blacks are more criminalized than whites. White teen boys hardly go anything a black teenager does. Black males in this country don't stand a chance. Their mortality rate is astronomical...
    Everyone has to piss in a cup...adults do to keep their jobs...parents do to keep their children.

    oh man...


    "Let us reform our schools, and we shall find little reform needed in our prisons." - John Ruskin
  4. I'm not white or black. so dont talk unless you know what your talking about.
  5. Blacks.

    And pleases leave your bad "Tude" at home!
  6. the answer to the question...blacks.

  7. hmm...u apparently felt it was nessicary to talk when u didn't know the subject matter u were commenting on....dont matter much, i dont listen to hypocrates.
  8. The sad truth is...... You don't have any rights in the USA until you are 18 years old. Teenagers, regardless of what they might think do not have any legal rights in this country. All the things you claim are bing done illegally are perfectly legal to do to teens, that is until they reach full legal age.
  9. I don't think kristoperobin was saying black or whites are more criminalized. He was just using that phrase as a way to get your attention and to use his point. Which was teenagers are getting stripped of their rights every day out there, and teenagers as a whole either black or white are more criminalized than adults.

    Which I totally agree with. I was once arrested and never was able to say anything about my crime or give a statment till 30 minutes before my pre-trial court date. I have been pulled over and know people that get pulled over that are teengers for no reason at all. Just to see if you are drunk or token it up.

    So I agree with him 100%

    and I beleive blacks are more criminalized than whites are...
  10. Regardless of the Black/White issue (I think Blacks are criminalized more, due to racial profiling done by many police officers)...

    I do see your point: Schools ARE not only drug testing for sports, but for AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, and etc. This defeats the entire purpose of such activities. After school activities were created to encourage children/teens to do something productive with their free time, and to keep them off the streets, out of trouble. To teach them responsibility, and allow their creativity to flow outside of a classroom, with less restrictions and more freedom.

    Now, say a kid comes into an after school activity, say, photo club. He/she's kinda nervous because they're not usually the type to do so, and are usually preoccupied with getting in trouble - plus their friends don't think the photo club is cool. Nevertheless, they go anyway due to their increasing interest in photography. Then the teacher says "hey, go pee in this cup."

    WAIT! Stop just a minute here. What's wrong with this situation?!

    Since when are we encouraging kids who use drugs to STAY AWAY from extracurricular activities? Isn't that the whole point? To help them do something more creative & positive with their time? Are we now going to only let the "good kids" do the "fun stuff?" How can we give "troubled" youth an opportunity to shine, if there are such requirements?

    Idealistically, the school system thinks that kids will stay away from drugs in order to be able to participate. Realistically, by the time they're asked to do the drug test, it's too late and they'll shy away.

    Just my .02 cents. xo~

    p.s. for what it's worth, kristoperobin1, perhaps if you had made the title more relevant to your actual issue (i.e. not drawing the race card to gain interest) you might have ended up with a more productive conversation as opposed to people being upset with you. keep that in mind my friend! :)

  11. I do know what I'm talking about. I'm older than you, and have worked in state government for years. The whole topic is one of unfairness, and ignorance.


  12. I do what i can.

  13. The sader truth is that teens our is much human as you. Yes they make mistakes. but so do adults. yeah, we make more beacuse the fact were progressing in life at an early age, but does this mean were worthless? does this mean until were 18 were dumb, stupid, unintelligent, underage victims that can be abused,rused and overused to anny degree that can tought of?maybe its time for a revolution of teens! yeah right, well its still bullcrap and even if i'm only a teenager for a fuew years outa my whole life, i should still have the choice to smoke,drink,shootup.

    Well blacks, mexicans, women, and animals have there right. Now its time to Examine us teens right.

    And yes ppl i know that fucking blacks are harassed more then whites, since i'm half black and that half is always harassed at my white ass school, but that was never the point!
  15. You want the same rights as an adult? Then you must sacrifice like all other adults in this country do ~ you have to EARN your rights:

    Finish high school - and I mean PASS it.
    *** Take responsibility for your actions ***
    Get a full-time job and support yourself
    Live on your own(no kickback's on the rent from MOM)
    Pay taxes
    Finish Puberty (not a dis, I mean, literally become an adult, when your brain/body is fully developed)
    Contribute positively to society
    Respect others, even if you disagree with them(like on this forum)
    Make mature decisions(like not smoking pot @ school and laughing for others who got busted for YOUR stupidity) and prove that you can do so on a regular basis

    and then maybe we'll talk about your rights as a teenager.


    We all have to go through teenagedom. We all have no rights @ this time in our lives. Get over it, it's only a few more years.
  16. I am not going to dog on Kristoperobin1 because I felt the same way when I was a teenager. I believe that teenagers should be able to make choices of their own in order to become their own person.

    However, I don't agree that they should be able to shootup and do harmful things to themselves or others. The fact of the matter is that teenagers do need guidance and if law enforcement and school officials got off their backs, then the children--our future--would be in jeopardy. I wish that I would have listened to more of the advice that I was given as a teenager because the people giving it--my mother, my teachers,etc.--were usually right. Yet, most of us learn from our mistakes and those mistakes can either make us better people or they can hinder us throughout the rest of our life.

    Teenagers are human just like the rest of us and I know many teens that possess a higher intelligence and level of understanding then alot of adults I run across. Of course, by saying that, I am also saying that those teens should be protected and guided so that they can be intelligent and understanding adults that can function in our society.

    I am on your side Kristoperobin1 because I was a teenager and I can't be a hypocrite. I did my fair share of "bad" things and rebellion was my middle name. But, I am also on your side because I want teens to be able to make it to adulthood so they can look back on their lives as I just did.

    If teens had the same rights as adults, then life would be so much harder for them. Try to get past the fact that you have to live with all the rules and "harrassment", for you will be an adult before you know it and you will be wishing you were a teen again. Despite how you feel, it is all for your own good. We all learn that, but it isn't until some point in our adult lives.
  17. I came down hard on KR and feel a little bit sorry for doing it. But he posted up on a now locked thread that he was the cause of a school bust and he didn't get caught but some friends of his had, AND he laughed about the situation. Then he starts this post complaining about being victimized. It was the lack of personnal responsibilty that got me hot. I understand what he's going through, but I always took my responsibilty for my own actions, either good or bad. If you act like a fuck-up, no big deal, but don't blame it on society if they come down hard on you. If you show no regard for your fellow man, then why should you expect sympathy from your fellow man.

    I have no ill feelings toward him and I should have used this opportunity to help him rather than hammer him, still to many Yahooka flashbacks i guess. If I could teach him one thing its to take control of your own life. You get out of life what you put into it and if you piss on it, it will piss ten times harder back at you. If you are not happy with the world around you, bitching and moaning won't fix it. You have to bear down, work hard and make your life better on your own.

    I wish every teen out there Good Luck in trying to find your place in the world.
  18. About Thread males are criminalized more than any other race or gender..don't make me post sources..we all know it's true...

    About off topic teen issue,,,,before you are of legal age,,you will always have your wings clipped when you try and spread you don't break any windows from not paying attention to details missed due to youth...teens never understand that part right away...that takes years...

    The government has always used ,and blamed children/teens for unreasonable laws, and that don't help the teens position in life feeling "targeted"..It's been the same krap for years....Much of a parents control concerning schools and children lately,,has been taken over by the state,,which is half the problem..

    kristoperobin1...this issue probably would have been responded to differently if it was not piggyback another post,a race post even,,,it should have been it's own thread.....

  19. I got hot about this one for the same reason BPP was - because of the whole personal responsibility issue. Also, what bothered me that he threw the race card down on the table to grab attention, then stood on his soapbox and threw out his "it's no fair" story, which had nothing to do with the topic.

    I may have been harsh, but sometimes reality is harsh.

    melteye you are an adult, legally, by definition simply based on your age. i think you are, and so should police. whatever you're getting pulled over for, well, that sucks. i'm sorry that police are "age-profiling" you. maybe you have a "suspicous" bumper sticker or car?? i can't see how they can tell your age like that! anyway, age-profiling? i never said it wasn't done, i know it is. i worked for a concert venue for awhile and we were taught to look for people who looked under 21 with beers and card THEM. it's just the hard knocks. it was a shitty job so i quit, who wants to sit in the drunk tank with a bunch of drunk teens whining about how their mom's gonna kill them? (well no shit, huh - lol!) i get carded at age 25 still with suspicious looks because my license picture is from when i'm 17, and i look different now. i got kicked out of a club once with my legit id. why, because i looked younger than i'm supposed to? i ain't bitchin, life isn't fair and we all get dogged on once in awhile, regardless of age.

    just brace yourself, teenagedom is not the easiest to go through, but if you think life is hard now then buckle up, it's not a smooth road. and really, if you're that upset about the ageism you're receiving from the authority/adults around you, the best thing to do is point it out & prove them wrong ~ and more power to you!
  20. Wow there is so much that i could say here hehe. Although i disagree with some of the unfair treatment of teens you have to look at the situation from the adult point of view. You will only be a teen for a short part of you life and it would be best to have guidance and rules laid down during this confusing period of your life, rather than have no guidance and letting you emotions get the best of you and end up in a hellish life later on.

    Yes, i think teens are treated a lil "unfairly" bet there is not much else that could be done. You have plenty of time to do whatever you want, and maybe screw up ur life, later on. Remember you are going from child to adult, ya just dont jump from one to the other. Instead of trying to rush into adulthood, embrace not having to pay rent!!!

    And instead of bitching about how unfair everything is, maybe be a lil more responsible with what ya do and someday things may change :)

    Im a teen in highschool but i try to be very responsible with pot. The most i ever do it is once a week, i figure that i have plenty of time later in life to try stuff, but now i need to get my priorities straight and finish school and get my life going.

    Damn i said a lot. hope it makes sense... too much mj


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