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Who introduced you to weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Eternal Ruhi, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. For me it was my brother. He was going out one night and he asked me to go with. We ended up going over to one of his bud's houses and chilled there for about 4 hours, or around there. I got SUPER high (That night was one of my first times smoking, other than a couple blunts I had shared with my brother). His friend had a glass bong and it ripped amazing. It was my first time using a bong, so you can imagine the burning i felt in my throat for the next half hour. We all just sat there in his room and watched south park laughing our asses off the entire night. We decided to go to taco bell. And my god, let me tell you. That car ride was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. High as can be, sitting in the back of a car, just looking up at the sky fading in and out. Waking up and thinking, damn we've been cruising around for hours. When we got to taco bell my brother was so high he even offered to pay for my food. After that, we got driven home, again a ride that seemed like hours long. We got home, and passed out.
    That was probably one of the most memorable nights of my life. I wish I could relive it.
    Now you guys can share your fun memorable times and stories, peace!

  2. me and weed found each other
  3. My friends Eric and Frank got me into it. The first few times I smoked I didn't get high, but this first time I got high was incredible. We smoked down at this ditch spot that we always chilled at ( We were like 13 or 14 at the time lol) and my buddy Frank just kept packing bowl pack after bowl pack and made me keep smoking them all to make sure I got high. When we left I was walking behind them real slow and my vision had this white haze around the edges, t felt like I was in a dream. Then we went and jumped on a trampoline and played video games and ate oreos. Been toking almost every day since  :smoke:
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    I shared a bathroom with my older brother (6 years differance) and he would keep his pipe in there, it also always smelled like shit so I thought it was awful as a kid.
    Once I got into HS I wanted to experiment abit so me and a close friend tried to roll joints in a park at night lol I didn't end too well :p We lost like a 4th that night lol
  5. I've never jumped on a trampoline when I was high, but it sounds like fun! Until you end up accidentally falling off or something lol
  6. Damn that blows lol. Practice with some fake stuff or whatever :p I'm not the best at rolling, so it's good that I prefer a bong :)
  7. im not even sure. all the first time memories are jumbled. im not even sure my first time was actually my first time lol.
  8. I had occurrences with weed as a 12 year old but they were pathetic and influenced by older kids but i never knew anything about what it was or what i was doing. I seriously got into weed about 3 years ago, my friend that i knew forever started to smoke and he knew i was open to it so i started up with him and have developed connections since then and i'm now a toker :)
  9. I know EXACTLY how you feel lol. Like I said, I shared a few blunts with my brother before that and I can't remember which was the first :p
  10. Best friend 
  11. My best friend of 5 year now. Thing is now he's clean and joining the Marines and I'm the stoner now.
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    What got me interested in weed was this girl in my class at High School who just talked about it and said she used to smoke. (Yeah, my class only had one stoner, but it was a small class of just like 7-8 people.) Fast forward 7 or 8 years or so, and here I am. Had to find it, and because of reasons, it took a long ass time. Now I smoke everyday  ^_^
  13. My uncle gave me some when I was like 17 and I've been smoking ever since.Irritated when I'm not sedated.
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    This was 6 years ago but I agree bong all the way, last few months I hooked up my vape to the bong and its glorious :bongin:
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    A guy currently in the NFL that I probably shouldn't name that may or may not have been suspended for the very substance being discussed in this thread one or more times. lol. Seriously though. Dude brought a QP to a 7 day team football camp where we had 3 practices a day every day. He would smoke up anybody that wanted to get high every night. Pretty sure he smoked between every practice and right before every practice too lmao. 
    Edit - nothing but blunts too, brought a big ass box of dutches lol. Thing was huge, had to be like 50
    They sent 2 of the younger coaches who were teachers at the school to check on us one night and they "caught us" but then they just sat there and smoked with us too lmao. Shit was crazy. I was a Sophomore in HS at the time. 
  16. Stonerism is contagious, man. 
  17. Always knew about weed and it was always around me but I didn't start smoking till a random night at the beach with some friends. I just said fuck it and took a bong rip Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. Great replies, love hearing the stories
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    A long year and a half now. During the summer 2012 I had met a group of new friends who smoked a few times a week. I was nervous at first, but one day someone hit me up and asked if I wanted to chief with them. I decided fuck it I really wanna start this shit and went over there. I didn't feel anything... it was pretty annoying. The first hit, I'll never forget, was the harshest hit I've ever had. I have no clue what I did wrong lol but it hurt really bad I had teared up iirc. Anyways we smoked a bowl or two, got quite a few hits (water bottle bong lol) and yeah didn't feel anything. That was the first time I smoked. It wasn't for another like 2 or 3 months til I smoked again and I got high (basically the best night of my life) but thats another story :p
    Now I'm such a stoner, I smoke so much more than all my friends its kind of annoying. 
  20. Someone in our group at school new a few other people that went to a different high school about 40 mins apart. He lived in a small village between the 2 towns in the middle of nowhere - so he found an amazing spot in a forest that was actually a large old quarry. It was probably about 40m long by about 25m across and the ground was thick soft grass.
    Anyway, so he organized a big get together for our two groups to meet up and drink together in the summer. It was amazing, this guy, me and another friend went early to set things up like tents, seating areas and collected wood for the fire. We'd often take a break and we'd take a few cold beers out the cooler and sat up one side of the quarry, just enjoying the warm summer evening. We even had a cuban cigar one night (which was a big deal since back then we were only 15ish).
    People started arriving at the party... people who i had never seen in my life, but also my best friends. It seemed like the other group were all good friends too (probably about 15 of us per group). We immediately all started talking and having fun and the drinks starting flowing. The fire was great too, because it lit up the entire quarry and you could see silhouettes on the rock walls.
    So later on in the night around dusk, one of our new friends took out a baggy with weed in it. I was so intrigued as this the very first time i'd ever seen bud. He kept saying how the amount cost him so little but that meant nothing to me, I had no concept of costs... i'd never even seen it! He rolls a joint and takes a couple of hits and passes it. There was a line of us sitting opposite the fire just watching the joint get passed. I could see it getting closer and closer to me and I really couldn't decide whether or not to smoke. It felt like one of those videos in school where you see all your friends taking drugs and they always made out weed to be as bad as like heroin or cocaine. All this was rushing through my head, so when the joint got to me, I just said "i'm good". Everyone was really surprised.
    As I passed the joint to my left, I just saw a missed opportunity for a new experience. So when they joint was getting passed back, I took a couple of tokes. Best decision ever! After that I got the giggles all night. I didn't have a tent so my friend, this new friend (he had huge ears lol) got our sleeping bags around the fire pit and laughed our asses off just saying random shit to eachother back and forth. 
    Looking back, I really miss those days... you had 8 weeks of nothing, no school or work.... and everything was a new experience - like being able to go drinking with your friends, trying new drinks, first time having feelings for girls,  first time getting high, lying to parents about what you've been doing all night... EVERYTHING was a new experience. 
    I wish you could just re-live your first experiences of the small beauties in life

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