who in your opinion is the smartest human movie character

Discussion in 'Movies' started by misterwolf999, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. sherlock holmes hands down

  2. The guy from main villain from watchmen, or the glowing blue guy, they were both smart.

    I don't think sherlock holds a candle to them lol.
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  3. Thomas Callahan III
  4. Tommy Chong from up in smoke or Jack Nicholson from One flew over the cukoo's nest.
  5. mark zuckerburg
  6. Post-NZT Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper)
  7. Sherlock Holmes is also incredibly dense. 
  8. Maybe Xavier from Xmen?
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  9. Hannibal Lecter 
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  10. uhh did you not see lucy? scarlett johanson took that 100% brain power shit way farther then bradley cooper could of dreamed of lol
  11. Harry Potter.
    I mean.... just look at his glasses.
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    They are really round.
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    Exactly haha.  THUS him being extremely smart.
    eerybody knows that the rounder your lenses are, the smarter your are.
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  14. just put the dude and walter on the job and everything gets handled accordingly
  15. Haven't see it, have no interest.
  16. Lester Burnham- American Beauty

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  17. The Joker.
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  18. Jimmy neutron

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  19. Scarface (up until the end)

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