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Who here uses roach clips?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Deleted member 208013, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    last night I was riding in the car blazing with some friends (I'll call them John and mark) and somehow the topic of roach clips got brought up. I concurred with mark, who had brought the matter up, that roach clips were an excellent addition to any j session :smoke:

    I had been using tiny tweezers that had come out of a Swiss army knife that our boss gave all of us for Christmas, which ironically so had mark. John seemed quizzically interested in the idea, and though he is a very experienced weed smoker he had never used a clip, simply because he never thought to.

    My question, for the city is what's your opinion on roach clips? Who uses them? Who loves em? Who hates him? And most importantly, what's YOUR "poor man's roach clip" idea?
  2. I have used bobby pins as roach clips in the past, but I don't often use roach clips. I normally don't put a cruch in my joints so yes when I pitch the roach I am often wasting a little bit of weed, but it's such a small amount that it doesn't really faze me. And of course if the joint has a crutch in it then a roach clip is not necessary at all.
  3. i havent used roach clips in a while as i only been using my bong lately to conserved budd, but yeah they come in handy depending on what your gonna do with a fav roach clip is kinda like a small clamp with teeth that has a spring so you squeeze it to open and it stays closed on its far as makeshift roach clips go..paper clips, and anything metal you can stab the roach with works pretty good. roach clips saved my index/thumb fingers when i used to smoke tons of roaches straight..have a couple of light colored spots that have no feeling anymore on my fingers from before the discovery of the roach clip.
  4. i dont use roach clips...ive used 2 pennys for a blunt roach a few times....
  5. my roach clips? my long ass index and thumbnails lol
  6. electrical wire alligator clips ftw
  7. Nader:

    Get a water bottle. Make a hole for your roach. And a hole for the carb.

    Use a lighter to burn the holes.. Make sure the roach fits in snug.

    The bottle will fill up with smoke, it works very well.
  8. kinda off topic as its not really a roach clip but i got a tiny bowl from a bong i bought a while back..if im smoking more than one roach sometimes i just place the roach cherry up into the hole of the bowl and proceed to smoke as if the bowls like a charm.
  9. Lol, me and my pops were using one of those fishing depth checkers for a roach clip before but I usually just stick the roach in a bowl and spark it up when it's getting too short.
  10. I use filter papers in joints the few times I get to enjoy joints. So no I dont really use a roach clip. In fact, it took me a long time to figure out what a roach and roach clip actually was (damn lingo haha). But the filter paper lets me clear a joint quite nicely. I'd like to get a roach clip like The Dude uses in the movie though!
  11. I never use roach clips because I just save the roach for later :) in the past I've used the clip that holds my work I.D. card to the lanyard, but thats only with friends.
  12. Naw mang, theres these papers you can buy called "Randys", they got a wire in the paper itself, so when you smoke, as the joint slowly progresses into a roach, you have a little wire to grab onto, thus beating the purpose of the roach clip. They're like 30 cents more than zags
  13. I picked up this as a placecard holder from a

    Attached Files:

  14. i never use em, just because by the end of the joint or blunt its all that greasy nasty tasting resin so i just chuck em or save them and roll up a second generation blunt :smoke:
  15. I use medical Forceps made from metal, and they are the most bad ass roach clips I've ever had, I think they sell them in the fishing section for pulling hooks out of fishes mouths.

  16. i use medical forcepts when i do use one, which is raely because i almost never smoke joints.
  17. i usually save my roachs and make a generation j or blunt but the times i dont, i usuallly either break up the roach into a bowl or i take a paper and roll it around so it is holding the end of the roach with one end and its free and clear to hold with the other hand(slight learning curve to figuring out how to use it efficiantly)
  18. funny i found this thread, I just saw one for the first time, It sucks. Thats all I have to say. I tried it one time, couldnt get a hit. Took it off, held it and got a better hit
  19. I'll burn it down to a half inch or so and put it out. I break them apart and throw the roach weed in a jar. Got a nice collection now but I don't really want to smoke it. That will probably change when I'm dry.
  20. Hair clip, works well.

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