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Who here smokes small bowl?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Well I know some people who smoke alot but smoke small bowls. Does any one here who smokes small bowls? I was also wondering if you get more resin in the bowl if you chop up your weed? Do any people here do it?
  2. I usually chop up my weed because I roll a lot of j's with it, too. I dunno if it makes more resin. And I usually pack small bowls because I guess I'm a lightweight and when I'm good and stoned I don't feel like continuing to burn what's costing me money.
  3. i pack it like 2/3 of the way full or all the full, but i usually smoke liek 2 or 3 bowls per session
  4. small bowls are the way to go, make your weed last.
  5. i used to gratutiously pile as much ganja as possible on top of the cone, massively huge bongs...

    ...then you get a tolerance to them, and you find it impossible to go that little bit further...

    i sort of fill up one of those 'standard' metal pieces you get on most bongs/pipes, blaze it and leave it at that for as long as possible...

    ...if the occasion arises to get real high... i pile as much on top ... but not all the time ;)
  6. the first few yrs i smoked i allways packed small bolws , a couple hits is all i needed to get blasted. Thats still all i really need but i just like smoking alot more now....

    Ive never chopped my weed up to pack a bowl, i like to have a solid nugs fillin up my bowl cause its lasts longer and i personally think tastes better , shake weed burns up hella fast. I smoked with someone the other day though that chops their shit up with a grinder then packs it into a bowl , that was the first time id ever seen someone do that in my last 11 yrs of smokin........... He said it hit smoother and better to him, i didnt really pay attention to how it hit, i got a good bake so whatevers clever.
  7. depends what you mean by small blow, i have seen soooo many sizes, a lot of homemade ones also, some ive seen can hold like 2 grams(didnt burn too good) and i have seen them really really small, just enough for a few hits, depends what you like, and if you have a big bowl, like others have been saying, you can pack it less
  8. my pipe has a pretty small bowl on it. What i like to do is put a lil bit of herb in the bottle underneath the screen that way it gets nice and resinated. Then when your out and you clean your bowl you have a nice about of resin with a lil bit of herb
  9. If you guys don't like to smoke small bowls try a cliffhanger pack. Its easy, first break off 2 "chunks" of weed and place in the bowl carefully so you dont block airflow (never good), then take a large chunk of weed and place it between one of your base chunk and the side of your bowl. ALWAYS gets me wrecked!

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