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Who here smokes blunts, like cigs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by soneoo, May 16, 2010.

  1. Well first of all, screw cigarettes. I am just talking about how frequently, casually you light up a blunt. Whether its in the morning right when you wake up, or just alone while you talk a walk outside or browse through GC.

    I think its just for the thrill of being at that level of high, and the fact that you WILL eventually use up all your bud, so might as well take advantage of it while you can :hello:.

    So where are all my blunt nymphos :smoking:? Just say here, hi, yes thats me, or how many blunts youve smoked today
  2. I smoke probably 4-5 blunts a day, and use the roaches to roll me a nice joint before bed. Been using this strategy for years.
  3. Haha the "One Joint To Go".... People dont understand roaches can be so bomb, especially from different strains of the goodie goodie shit... Roach blunts may taste nasty but get your brain electrocuted
  4. I love blunts. I love blunts in the morning afternoon and at night and everywhere in between. I love the taste I love the smell and nothing else gets me the same high
  5. *Cough, cough*
  6. Blunts are the bomb yo, wish I smoked em more but usually if I have weed I don't wanna go aaaaaaall the way to a gas station to buy a dutch when I could just pack up a bowl and rip
    damn shame too :cry:
  7. Pickup more then one when you go nexttime? That's what I do, well I have a routine kind of .

    I go to the same store every morning, and get the following 6 if not 7 days a week.

    Marb reds.
    5 Honey Dutches (It varies, this was today)
    A couple scratch tickets (i'll win 100K one day)

    and usually an Arizona Iced Tea and a little snack.
  8. Arizona ice tea is the greatest drink....who can pass up such a big delicious drink for a buck?!?! i no i cant

    EDIT: lol but on the topic....i smoke blunts some times, but id rather just take a snap outta my Roor/EHLE. :D
  9. i smoke blunts all day everyday, if i got no dutch(rare) ill smoke from my mushroom keychain bowl:smoke::smoke:
  10. wish i could smoke blunts every day, but i cant afford that much weed :(
  11. I think a blunt reserved for myself is a waste of weed. I personally hate seeing blunts burn away while people are telling a story or similar anecdote. I also don't like to put out blunts halfway through and spark up again (I'll do it without hesitation if needed, just don't prefer it). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blunts, but require at least 1 other person to hit it while I'm coughing/relaxin/taking in the high.

    When its just me, myself and I, I prefer to pack small 1 hitter bowls in my helix bubbler or my roomie's Left Coast tube.
  12. *smoke blunts on the regular*
  13. 3-4 per day, save the roaches for my bong... it doesnt taste good but i get really fucked up from doing that, like to the point where my head is spining. ill smoke blunts till the day i die most likely
  14. Smoke blunts everyday over the college semester, but now that im home i just bought a new bowl so im working on changing its colors :smoke: that and because when im home i almost always smoke by myself :/ my friends have "more important" responsibilites
  15. Never, because I think they are nasty and disgusting. However you like to enjoy it is fine with me though as long as I don't have to smoke one.

    No bud of mine will ever get wrapped in cheap low grade tobacco :D
  16. lol im sure this is why that one dude in bone thugs n harmony lung collapsed. i would love to but i do not have the funds nor lungs to do that shit lol.stoges n bong hits hurt me already but i love blunts mayne i think im gonna create the first healthy blunt stick or something...................................ill b rich
  17. blunts and bowls have always been a social thing for me, but sometimes its a nice change of pace, if the blunts of nice quality i'll light it up but 9/10 times im rippin bong hits, back when i was in college there wasnt a day i was sober and there wasnt even an hr i wasnt high or takin another hit, if i had weed i was smoking, end of discussion (as for numbers of actual blunts/times i pack a bowl/bong hit, prolly 10+ every day minnimum) :smoking:

  18. lol i guess its eazy when SWIM slings
  19. Maybe 4 or 5. Usually like 1.7's though =/
  20. yesterday i smoked the most blunts in my life in one day.
    haha now keep in mind, i've only been smoking since january, and the whole time i only used GLASS. Each blunt was only filled with mid, but i had peach swisher, strawberry white owl, and vanilla dutchmaster. Half way through every blunt i would begin stumbling because they got me so high.
    Anyways the point of this is..smoking blunts is the shit.

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