Who here loves Bill Maher?

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  1. One example: Bill Maher calls himself a libertarian, but spends his entire show arguing for state powers.

    Before Obama became king, and before it was cool to hate the tea party movement, look at Bill Maher:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUYDt7kC3Z0]YouTube - Ron Paul is Bill Maher's New Hero[/ame]

    Now he trashes Constitutionalism and the Pauls as fronts for racists and maroons. :confused:
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    ^Well he doesn't call himself a Libertarian anymore, I know that much. A guest on his panel asked him "You're a Liberal now right? You're for universal health care which is way against Libertarianism" and Bill Maher said "Yes"

    Don't remember the episode or have a YT link but he did say he was a Liberal now.


    This isn't the exact clip I was looking for but he does see himself as a Liberal it seems.
  3. In the video they only talk about foreign policy. Maher agrees with Paul's view on foreign policy. A true conservative has the same view on foreign policy as a true liberal; non-intervention.

    If the conversation was about government programs, I'm quite sure Maher would have disagreed with Paul

  4. When asked, "So you're officially not a Libertarian anymore, right?", Maher said, "I'm not afraid to say that European Socialism works".

    Here it is: Breitbart to Bill Maher: You know you?re not a libertarian anymore, right? « Hot Air

    He's still reluctant to drop the title it seems.

    European socialism might work to an extent, but that's because they don't have an international health plan that covers the entire EU, each state has their own program. Maher has really devolved over the years.
  5. Ahh okay I couldn't remember the exact phrasing so thanks for correcting. But that vid I posted helps to prove my point no? :D
  6. I like some of his views, and sometimes he comes off as an complete elitist.

    I guess I knida respect him because he does speak his mind, he doesn't hid what he means like so many in the media. He is what he is, and even though I don't always agree, I still listen. The man is far from a douche.
  7. I think its because he's not tied down to any corporate interests/sponsorships being on HBO. Yay Freedom of Speech:hello:
  8. i liked his movie religulous but overall he seems pretty fake
  9. bill maher also says stuff that not at all true
    this country shoots its leaders alot?:confused: No not last time i checked
    that is true for many third world countries tho
  10. Yeah, he's definitely over the top sometimes. I would say the O'Reilly comparison is fairly accurate. He's not as bad as Beck though.
  11. i think he shows a little more respect to his guests that he disagrees than O'Reilly does.. although i haven't watched either in quite a while.. i did watch Maher last week for the 1st time in probably 2 years.. and he did seem a bit nastier than i remember.
  12. I've never watched his show.

    I thought he was funny in DC Cab. :D

  13. Me, in my opinion one of the most eloquent and educated men in America, his style of analyzing is great
  14. Hahah, now I don't think I'd take it THAT far :D
  15. Well, we have to support fellow cannabis users with the best we can do:D

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