Who here likes Heavy Metal?

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  1. Metal is fucking awsome. I can listen to every type of metal out there. (except the brutal death metal, The singer sounds like he's burping in the mic, but still kinda good nonetheless). I was just wondering if there were any metal fans on GC . What types of metal do you listen to and what are some of your favorite metal bands out there?
  2. Hell yeah.
    I like Lamb of God, Disturbed, Spineshank, Silent civilian, Bobaflex. And a lot of others. But I tend to stay away from that heavy stuff like you said, I like to understand what they are saying most of the time, unlike bands such as Cannibal Corpse were I'm sitting there listening to someone grunt into a mic.
  3. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IALxXTbvL9M[/ame]
  4. What types of metal
  5. Man, I hate that brutal shit but I love Post-Metal and Black Metal. The ambient related stuff that is really deep, which is like 11 minutes of harmonic sound, usually, I like that. I also like real metal, like Black Sabbath (original line-up). The only modern, non-ambient related metal band I listen to is SOAD. ANYWAY, I don't know how you can get high and listen to all of that mindless brutality. I'm still somewhat young, but I'm not really a hipster, I hate em'.
  6. I love all metal, except hair metal.

    Give me brutal death metal, melodic metal, all metal.
  7. This thread shows me that we've got some great taste in metal here :smoke:

    Dave Mustaine said that Glam is an acronym for "Gay LA Metal" :laughing: I'm with you, everything other then glam, although there are a few glam bands that I like (W.A.S.P., but they're really more speed metal then glam).
  8. nunslaughter, deicide, oceano, Carcass, Carnifex, Amebix, Gallhammer,
    S.O.D. six feet under, Eyehategod, Doom, Church Of Misery, cannibal corpse, burzum, municipal waste, Hirax, zeni geva, carpathian forest, Gwar, despised icon, vital remains etc..sooo much fucking good metal i love..but i'm way more into grindcore/p.v./thrashcore-noisecore

    Anal Cunt, Unholy Grave, 324, The Locust, DropDead, Adolf Satan, vaginal jesus, fuck on the beach,
    su19b, Napalm Death, Mind Of asian, Merzbow, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Jig-Ai, Melt-Banana, Magrudergrind, lycanthropy, hummingbird of death, weekend nachos, insect warfare, last days of humanity, hydrophobia, Grinded Nig, full blown aids, the deaths head quartet, fuck!...i'm dead, F.I.D.,

    fuck theres so much good music out there, could never list it all
  9. hell yeah fuck like a beast..lmao
    i had a penchanent for dokken but thats just mainly because of george lynch's guitar playing, it is always amazing regardless of the genre he's playing.
    a few gems in the hair scene but the rest can pretty much be summed up by
    Anal Cunt's mock fuckin' A and Gwars decapitating blackie on stage:smoke:
  10. Yeah, It's real shitty cause last week i found out that Seth Putnam (Anal Cunt Lead singer) Died last month. He's writing style was so bad but at the same time funny as hell. I only really listened to them to piss off my mom and dad hahahaha. But the metal I mostly listen to is like, Thrash bands from the 80's, In flames old stuff from the early 1990's and alot of other melodic death metal bands, The old metal stuff like Sabbath, Brocas Helm, Anvil, Dark Lord, Helloween, Bind Guardian, Iron Maiden, and a shit load more of bands.

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