Who here know's vatoloco?

Discussion in 'General' started by DaWodin, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. I won some seeds from him and before I give an address I just wanna make sure it's not a set up or summin...no offense man, just dont want my friend gettin in sum shit if i send this to his house.

    So basicly I'm askin does anyone here know vatoloco? Preferably referances in person but if u know him from somewhere else online or wutever thats coo too.
  2. dont know him face to face but been readin for several months.

    i think he's cool, man.
  3. congrats on winning the seeds, i liked your joke the best :)
    i think vatoloco is a nice guy! don't know him personally but i don't think he'd mean any harm.
    i kinda tend to think that about most people though :eek:

    hope you get your seeds soon, i think he set up the contest just for something interesting to do. i thought it was a cool idea, wish we could do something like that more often !! it's kinda fun :D

    p.s. you can't get in trouble for something you receive in the mail, you can't be liable for something you don't have "control" over. so worst case scenario, your friend gets a cop knockin on the door and he gets to say "what? i have no idea who they came from, i don't know why they were sent to me."
  4. ...besides, I think he wants you to give him a PO box preferably that way he wont have to send it directly to your doorstep
  5. aight y'all, i was just checkin things out...sounds like its all straight...ill let ya know how it goes...maybe send y'all sum pics of it after its grown...or maybe just a pic of me hella blazed :D
  6. Hey man your gettin me all paranoid because im expecting seeds as well. Nah itll prob be fine. =) hopin
  7. Just watch out if your mail is delivered by a man in a suit, with shades on, wearing a strange hearing aid!!!!
  8. It should be aight icecream, if i all of a sudden dissappear from the forums for a couple days i wouldnt open my mail tho:D lol

    ill let ya know if everything goes smoothly

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