Who here HATES automated phone menus!

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    USPS is the worst one i have ever dealt with.. It is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate to a normal person unless you Constantly say agent.. they will keep running you around to the same menus.. Then their customer service people cant even tell you more than the tracking information you look up can..

    Anyone else over automated phone menus? why not have a real operator who answers and says.. "how may i direct your call?"

    They wonder why we keep losing jobs in the USA.... Its obviously because everything is either outsourced or ran by a damn computer.. Things wont get better folks. I mean they have self automated checkouts at the damn grocery store. and why:confused: So some CEO can get a new fucking boat for their beach house in malibu :rolleyes:

    To alleviate any farther problems for any of my fellow blades.. next time you need to call customer service just check this site out first... www.dialahuman.com

  2. yeah definitely.

    I used to work at target a few summers ago. Any time you would call in for any reason you'd have to sit through 5 minutes of bullshit menu options
  3. it really blows when you make the wrong choice and have to call them back and hope you dont fuck up again. it's like goddamn it all i want to do is talk to a fuckin person.
  4. I am right there with you OP, seriously.

    More and more automation occurs everyday..

  5. yeah and by the time you get to talk to someone your so pissed off you take it out on them half of the time.. :devious:
  6. Fuckinf AT&T, directv, Comcast and all those companies are terrible. If you ever have a problem with Comcast after hours of fucking talking to robots you get transferred to some fucking Indian guy that can't speak English.

  7. but he has an english name... like steve...
    and you can hear his kids screaming in the background..
  8. When I call anyone who has a phone menu I have to dick with for 20 min before talking to anybody...easy way to bypass that shit nearly every time, is by hitting 0 (zero)...over and over and over until the computer lady says she's going to direct u....boom, I don't say a word t the menu...just to real, outsourced Indian people ;)
  9. Just keeping hitting zero over and over and over....

    literally hit it like 30 times. It'll bring you to a person.

    Also, for AT&T.... hit 0#0# and that brings you directly to someone.


  10. great minds think alike :wave: :smoke:

  11. yeah thats what i ususally try.. or saying agent.. dont they have like market research groups that give them feedback on things like this..
  12. My internet browser just gave me a malware warning for your link bro...

  13. yeah i have SAFARI and it did it to me too.. im guessing because its a site with a crapload of links on it..
    Grasscity gives me them too sometimes..

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