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Who here has taken at least 3 months off and how was your session after?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lyo616, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Long story short, I have taken 4 months off and I am getting 2 ounces here on the 17th of some good mids.

    Before the break I was a daily smoker and tolerance was real high, I was smoking dank pretty much by the QP and buying more every 3-4 months.

    So, how high do you think I'll get?

    I hope and assume it'll hit me hard and powerful, I will be starting off with a cigarillo rolled up.

    I'd like to hear stories of breaks you have taken and how you were affected once you smoked again.

    Help get a guy through till Sunday with some great stories and what you think.

    My girl Maryjane is oh so close, Sunday is almost here ha.

    Take care folks.
  2. well when i got out of reheab i had 4 and a half months sober.i smoked a bowl and was half way through the day i was laying in my friends lawn staring at the sky lol
  3. i couldnt hold out that long
  4. This sounds great haha, thanks for sharing.
  5. I was sober for over 6 months last year. I got my career on the way and got back to business. My friend had some Diesel Kush and after I had a few drinks I took two hits off the pipe and about 5 min. later, I tried to stand up to get a glass of water and I felt like the ground below my feet was shaking like an earthquake. I felt like an idiot around my other friends when I tried to make it to the kitchen, I lost my balance from the whole room shaking. I caught myself with the fooseball (sp?) table but it was pretty obvious I was so fucked up I couldn't form sentences, I just had to concentrate on self sustaining my composure.

    After less than a week, my tolerance went back up.

    It could have been from having a few drinks combined w/MJ that night as well.
  6. yeah sounds like u were drunk but because it wasnt just alcohol, you remembered it instead of it being a hazy blur of what u were trying to do last night
  7. The only really long tolerance break I've taken is when I was getting drug tested for a Diversion case for 6 months. My first day off we smoked 1.7g of some no name dank strain between 3 of us and it was by far the highest I have ever been in my life, I even got some mild scanner-darkly like cartoony visual effects, which has yet to happen again.

    Enjoy man, you shouldn't be dissapointed :smoke:
  8. Hey thanks Bubba, Im happy as hell. Cleaning out my 1 hitter as we speak, its shaped like a puff fish and it hits damn good for such a small piece.

    My ole lady about 6 months ago started toking again and she was taken back by the hit, hits hard and smooth. Man im excited ha.

    I might buy a smaller type glass bong in a couple weeks and or a nice bowl, i am partial to deep bowls with fat carbs.
  9. I take pretty long breaks when I do take a break. my last one was only for about six months though.

    You'll pretty much get super stoned. I mean, it'll be as close to the first time as you can get without the exhilaration of 'experiencing something completely new'.

    Meaning, you'll still get stoned as fuck but it wont be that same feeling you get when doing something for the first time. definitely get super blazed though.
  10. Congrats on the break too bro, I bet it felt damn good. I've done this once before and my eyes were bloodshot, I had the munchies, I was smiling and laughin like a little school girl, and my memory was hit or miss. I was baked out of mind and it felt great ha.

    I cant wait till everything gets here and also getting this piece cleaned is cool too. I did have a nice collection, but things came up an Im left with this 1 hitter, and even though I use to have a nice collection, i found myself smoking out of it anyway ha. Just hits good and feels good in your hand, but I am definitely picking up this old bowl I once had.

    This thing hit huge and had a huge carb on it, changed colors, was pyrex glass and had marble indentations on the top for the non-roll feature, now that was my favorite piece.

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