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who here enjoys popers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. so how many of you guys smoke 'em, i personally love them, they get you high off a little tiny bit of weed
  2. what is a poper
  3. alright, get a gatorade bottle or any really hard plastic bottle, get a 1/4 inch socket or just one step up, get wutever works for a downstem, and use that, put a tiny pinch of a cigarette and jam it in the socket, and now get a tiny pinch of weed on top of the cigarette, inhale and light, jet lighters are best for this, but a light is a light, cashe it in one hit and repeat, once the next is loaded exhale the smoke from the first or hald in for a little longer, if done right you hear a pop
  4. hilarious never heard of this
    haha pop
  5. so there little bong hits with tobacco?
  6. Poppers are amyl-nitrates, at least that's what I've always known them as. Never heard of weed actually popping.
  7. the weed itself doesnt pop, the sound of the bowl being cashed in one very quick hit is the pop sound, hence advising the use of a jet lighter
  8. thats what ive always thought of when hearing poppers. same name just diff act being presented
  9. ya i smoke em sometimes to get that nice headrush. But sometimes ppl fiend for those like crack and they fuck up ur lungs bad
  10. uhh no thanks... Its probably a pretty serious head rush but i like to keep my weed and tobbacco seperate... I rarely smoke spliffs....

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