Who here blows their nose on their dirty laundry/shirts?

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  1. I do! :hello:

    They're gonna get cleaned anyway!!!

    (not a troll thread - I'm dead fucking serious and I needed to share this)
  2. dude.... do you not own toilet paper??? :confused:
  3. I HATE blowing my nose with toilet paper. It's a pain in the ass.

    I've always favored shit like paper towels when it comes to blowing my nose.

    But sometimes when you're too lazy and there's just nothing around, a nice t-shirt will do just fine, man. You should try it sometime.
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    You bet. I do not make a special trip to grab a kleenex.

    Nice thread, but an annual sheet changing day would have been better and made a point. I'll bet there are only 5 people here who changed their bed sheets within the last 2 weeks. I usually go with months, but I posted a thread the day I joined and only 17 people saw it.

    The standard or norm for the hospitality industry is that bed linen must be changed every 3 days by law even if the room or bed was not rented out.

    you people are gross...
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  5. Yeah, I slack on that too...
    My mother has to get on my ass to get the sheets changed.
    She's right!

    Good point though, sir.
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    There are 269,304 members and a lot of dirty sheets around.

    +k to you. It's not like someone else is using my shirt to blow.
  7. Haha you dirty dawg, you. :D
  8. Eh I'll be fine not changing my sheets, hasn't caused any problems before. I have an immune system for a reason anyways ;)
  9. no, because that's nasty as fuck
  10. Nah ah! Nothing a little tide can't fix.

    What about your sweat and other bodily fluids that leak out of your body onto your clothes?

    And it's not like I'm scraping that shit from the shirts and eating it or something...

    Jeez. Some people.
  11. I'd rather just walk ten feet to the bathroom and get some TP or Kleenex
  12. I use my dirty laundry as jizz rags.
  13. some woman i saw put one finger on her left nostril and went to town on the left one, shit splattered all over the floor man i was like "S**T!"
  14. i ment right* :rolleyes:
  15. No, I blow my nose in the shower when everything up there is nice and moist from the shower, and then look, instant cleanup!
  16. if its not a sock or boxers in my room and its on the floor and made of cloth, it better be ready to receieve a snot fucking delivery, cause i dont buy tissues, but i do, however, do laundry
  17. I used to until one day I put on a shirt with a big snot smear on the back.
  18. That's fuckin nasty....
  19. I sacraficed a shirt yesteray wit snot..HAHA
  20. I use this thing called toilet paper...I sometimes use it to blow my nose and then flush it down the toilet. Even if my clothes are going to get clean, I don't want dried boogers on them.
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