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who has the best av?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. simple question. who has the best av?

    nominations please.
    (i may make a poll once we have enough nominations)
  2. i myself nominate vatoloco
  3. need I say anything?
  4. ganjamoms is cool shit, and just because its funny as hell i think adambc too... is that really a tittie? holy shit it is! (thats what i said when i saw that one thread about it)
  5. I love Kind_of_Bongish's and sensis, ill post more after i find them.
  6. any avatar that has a hit of LSD in it just has to be the shit.. hmm..
  7. i think mines alright! i like alot of peoples avatars.
  8. i gotta agree with who ever said it....
    vatlocos is really cool.. he still uses that eye right?

    and at the risk of sounding like i'm being a big head...

    moonlighthigh's is really kewl too.

  9. no....cause yours has to hot girls making out on it.... its simply unfair...:D

    mines just
  10. Ive been thinking..with all these moving avatars...maybe I should put a lil motion into mine ....
  11. me. weeee
  12. Sensi has an unfair advantage! haha!

    Let me tell you all that i lost blood in the process of making my av.

    Damn, i forgot what i was gonna say, uhh, yeah, that one av, ya know which one i mean is the best. when i remeber whose it is i'll post it.


  13. Maybe motion in your avatar might not be a good thing....too many people might get excited LOL
  14. i know that im sorta new to the seasoned tokers area so i know for the most part you guys could careless to what i have to say but hear goes.

    I think that it's not the avatar but the person behind it that matters most.

    but if i had to vote i would say that ganja moms is sick
    and inferiorwang has a bomb DJ photo.

    .....come on hendrix is cool right...i think so.....

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