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Who has quit smoking cigerettes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Well I have for now. I haven't had one since last year hahahaha. Two days and hanging in there. I hope I can finally make it!
  2. my madre just quit. Im so proud of her..its a nasty habit! I used to hate getting in the car with her! shes doing ok though, and Im glad to hear you are to budhead!!! keep strong! lol, you had me on the since last year
  3. I did...although i was never really hooked. I smoked when i was 13 to "practice" before i would inhale my frist weed smoke. Then, i smoked just to cover up the smell of weed. I finally decided it wasnt worth it and dropped my pack of squares in a nearby sewer.
  4. good luck bh... remember, the mind doesn't understand "try" (as in "i'm gonna try"). you gotta keep telling yourself that you are going to quit. every time ya get the urge, spark up a J (if possible).

    good luck again :)
  5. Ohhhh, man. Day two now. Today was rough. But, I'm hanging in there, and I have to see this through, cuz I've told everyone I'm quitting! I got me some of those homeopathic smoking withdrawal pills, and they seem to help with the cravings. Good luck to us, BH! We just have to remember that we want to live as long as possible.

    Happy new year!
  6. Hey stonygurl! Yea I have to be around to torment everyone else to death! LOL

    I'm glad you are quitting as well. Good luck to ya!

    My cardeologist told me to cut way down in three days.. I went from a pack a day to a half a pack to 4 cigerettes Dec. 31st. Now iv'e been smoke free for two days. I haven't had alot of trouble wanting any. I've been smoking for 24-25 years.. I have the will power. I just need a little time!

    Thanks guys we will need all the support we can get.. Stonygurl and I that is!
  7. I'm waiting for spring. I've tried to do it during the winter, but I just don't have e'nuff to keep my mind off of nicotine.

    Good luck!

    Succeed and you can be my role model!
  8. I quit two years ago, and have no intention of going back.
  9. i don't smoke cigarettes anymore, but still smoke weed with tobacco - i get through about 20 cigs a week now, rather than 20 a day... since i stopped, i noticed my health improve at least 10 times, and that i needed far less nicotine knocking about my head before i could get stoned than previously...

    will still have a smoke if i've got no weed every now and then, but i reckon than helps me stay saaane...
  10. Last night when I smoked a joint, It seamed to kick in faster and i got a little more of a buzz. I think the nicotine may be more of a buzz killer, Maybe not!
  11. i seriously reckon that nicotine opens up the part of your brain that absorbs certain compounds in cannabis, not necessarily THC - there's over 400 which all affect you in some way, i reckon if you pack a bowl with about 10% tobacco, the rest skunk, it'll hit you much harder than a pure one.

    since i quit though, i need far less baccy to get my kick... maybe if i quit completely i'd need none at all....?
  12. What a bunch of wussies!! can't put a little cigarrete down.

    I was a can a day dipper of copenhagen and quit overnight without a trouble. Later on I took up Djarums cloves to cover up my other smoking and I can go weeks on end without craving them.
  13. Aren't you a great exception to the rules...LOL^^^^^

    You must be a good boy!!!!
  14. I'm off to an good start now, I've been smoking ciggies since second grage so I thought it would be a good time to stop it.
  15. Smoking cos you like the box! lol! I keep telling myself i'm gonna give up but haven't managed it yet! Apparently the trick is not to "give up" but simply "become a non-smoker" a lot of the cravings etc are self induced simply because your telling yourself you've lost some thing
  16. i quit about 2 years ago for 2 years. i read allen carrs easy way to stop smokin. and quit cold turkey. the hubbs smoked and it didn't bother me one bit. not at all. i think the book brainwashed me. then after the 2 years i started up again. why? i have no idea. stress in the middle of my medical terminoligy class-stress maybe. and it tasted like shit! but we still force it down. how stupid. i've cut down to about 4~6 smokes a day. not to bad. this month they are supposed to be goin up to $15 a pack. in sask,canada. unreal! the rich will be smokin. if i was still doin a pack a day omg. we'd be paying more into smokin than our own house. now how fucked is that! my goal is to completely quit. i read that book again but it didn't work. he has another out for people who got into smokin again. i'll be getting that right away. good luck quiting bud head! and e1 else too!
  17. Cigarette; n: Fire at one end, fool at the other, tabacco in between
  18. Keep it up Bud Head. You'd be surprised how much money you save by kicking the habit. That's more money you can invest into your 'other' habit. :)
  19. Hey Cola, How things going for you these days?

    I have almost beat the habit.. I've had no more than 6 a day from the time I started to quit.. I'm down to 3 a day now..

    I'm going to give them up for good..Feb.1st!
  20. Things are going pretty good Bud. Did you get a taste of that snow last week?

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