Who grows in a apartment?

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  1. Just curious if anyone here did/does it? Any close calls?
  2. first rule of growing... dont tell anyone
  3. Oh so all these people that post grow journals and set ups, what are they doing?

    I know that rule very well... And it's a rule that applies to more of a local community rather than these forums. Its not like I'm asking people for their addresses of their grow.

    I think my question was very basic and simple. I just want information on successful/unsuccessful grows in a apartment.
  4. Im currently growing in my apartment. Got two girls who just started flowering in my closet. The management is pretty relaxed around here so im not too worried. Im taking every percaution also, diy carbon scrubber, and i plan on making a ona bucket when it gets really stanky:)
  5. Cool. What kind of setup you got going?
  6. its fine just dont make the people next to you mad. i grow in mine and i have a dresser turned into a box
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    I grow in my bedroom closet at my apartment. I have a lock on my bedroom door that I ALWAYS lock whenever I leave... just in case maintenance comes in for some reason. I play the radio in the room when I'm gone so they might think I'm in there or something. I don't know if that really does anything but it couldn't hurt. This is my fourth grow in my apartment and I've never had any problems. My neighbors are pretty cool and I think they might be growing in their apartment too... hard to tell. I have two plants right now nearing the end of the fifth week. I've never had anyone suspect that I grow, that I know of. As a matter of fact, I think management and my neighbors think I would be the last person on earth to grow or even smoke. I'm pretty covert about everything. If you decide to grow in your apartment, good luck!

    Here is my grow - http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-marijuana-growing/842562-any-suggestions.html
  8. Very cool. Helps a ton. Thanks for everyones input
  9. Some have inspection dates, plumbing next door or above went bad. Lots of reasons management comes into an apartment. Like the above grower, hollowed out dresser that is normal from the sides and front. Management and maintenance has been in my place atleast 5 times since I started growing. A few times when I was out (they misheard my wife when she said we would be home to let them in as, hurry and finish before we get home) but either way, with the setup unless they open the closet, pull apart the dresser they wont find it. Smell is your worst problem in apartment grow.

    Then again I dont worry about smell too much, half the time I come home I smell reeking weed but its the neighbors upstairs either smoking in their window or in his truck in the parking lot :p

    Stealth is the key and youll never be caught!

    Oh also a few things, dont have it in bathroom or kitchen (most commonly worked on areas) if you have bedroom/s make sure you do this in the bedroom that DOES NOT have the under apartment crawl space (they do inspections from time to time)

    Fine and safe to do imho! Just dont be stupid :)
  10. Well the apartment I may get is on the bottom floor half underground. So there is no crawl space or anything underneath. I would be growing in the main bedrooms walk in closet. Lock on the closet and a lock on the bedroom. I have a jardin grow tent and carbon filter. So I'm not worried about smell.

    I'm not worried about inspection or maintenance either, but that is my only concern in my conscience. My best friend lived there for 2 years and the only time anyone has went in his apartment was to fix something in the kitchen.

    I think I'm ok. But there's always a risk
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    Until my father found out (hes cool about it now) I used to keep my plants in my closet.. however, unknowing to him, I switched my bedroom door with my closet door so I could have a lock on the closet.

    If for whatever reason, anyone wanted to go into my bedroom AND look into my closet, then it'd be locked regardless. It made me feel a thousand times better when the cable guy was fixing shit in my room when I was at work.

    I kept an ONA bucket inside, and the air/odor would circulate under through the door cracks and my whole room would smell wonderful! ONA buckets are strong! They just need re-filled every now and then.. We "maxed out" an ONA bucket with 3 guys in a closed 10x10 room, smelled like fresh linen and dirty smoke.... a cigar!
  12. Locks don't necessarily help you. If the landlord needs access to that room or closet and can't get in because of the lock, he will give you the required 24 hours notice -- and then what?

    Look in the Security sub-forum of the Beginners section, lots of discussion there about apartment grows. They are risky because you don't have the same privacy rights as a homeowner does, your rights are balanced against the landlord's rights to protect his property. There are many reasons a landlord can enter your place with no pre-warning at all. You also can be restricted in how you set up your grow in terms of maintaining stealth -- you may not have access to crawl spaces and attics for venting, for example, and you may not want to be cutting holes in ceilings and walls in a rented place. Apartments also are much closer quarters than a house, so easier for even a little odor to be detected.

    All in all growing in an apartment is a risky proposition, I wouldn't do it.
  13. I dont live in a apartment per say. i own a flat. My landlord lives directly above me.

    The key to growing is to keep everything smell and sound proof. I also recommend a small set up. like 4x4x6. And dont tell anyone.
  14. I'm thinking of moving to either New Mexico (where I was stationed once) or to California. Both states medical MJ laws allow the patient to grow their own. My question is: Which state is it more likely to find affordable property (I just draw about 30k per year), or apartments or trailers to rent???? Im thinking New Mexico would be cheaper, and in southern NM, you can grow sativa's. I've been to California twice. :cool:

    My problem is can I afford to buy or be forced to rent? I'm not sure what I could find. I will probably only have about 40k to get re-settled from Maine. I'm sick of the snow, the short grow season, and the poor medical MJ program they have set up here. Please, any answers are appreciated. Clickers:hello:
  15. Oh, BTW, if I could find a trailer out to itself somewhere, with 3-4 acres around it, would be perfect. I don't care what anyone says, but I have smoked some awesome indoor bud, but NOTHING beats the sun and nature. My outdoor ventures have produced some of the most mind blowing smoke I've ever had. I have 3 outdoor Aurora Indica's outside right now, and they are really putting on the weight now. It's getting late, even for south central Maine, where I live.

  16. Ur not only worrying about ur apartment tho u Have to worry about everyone elses above u as well especailly bein on bottom if a water line breaks or a toilet leaks thats considered an emergency and they dint have to give notice for an emergency i also grow in an apartment but i dont have so luch to worry about.
  17. Ever seen "Fight Clu.b", thre isn't a fight club. Never, never, talk about growing where you live. Do you not watch TV. Some of it may be hype, I gaurentee you that the GOVT is able to track you VIA the web or other. Always cover your tracks. Lose lips sink ships.
  18. Does anyone know how to read? I never said I was growing or anything near saying I grow in a apartment. I asked if anyone tried it (past tense), and what situations they ran into.
  19. I do and I live on bottom floor. I use 1 closet for flowering and 1 for veg/cloning,right now if you walked into bedroom,the flower froom you can see the weathering stripping on the outside,cause its hard to seal the light leaks,drawind dimensions and gonna make a cabinet for flowering to look like a dresser,then tear down the obvious. I even have a hole cut with a vent cover for a 6" exhaust placed a little table to cover up the vent.

    Maintenance comes in once a year to check smoke detectors and replace furnace filter,now I replace filter myself and 2 years ago they quit checking detectors and normally its around this time so I plan my grow so I'm not flowering at this time,as far as smell I have a spinal cord disease,so its 420 regularly,I spray some kind of scent or run candles. Being disabled allows me to be home pretty much all the time. So friends know to call ahead of time,cause I dont answer the door for nothing.

    I'f maintenance needs into the bedroom ,better be female,I could see if there was bathroom/kitchen problems,but bedroom? I've been doing it for about 4 years now,first I would track maintenance routine,which I did and so far so good. Thats my 2 cents,hope it helps. Plus, bar any emergencies,they put a note on door allowing time to tighten up your stuff and once again my disability allows to be home 24/7, they know to leave me the f**k alone. Also my dog bothers the maintenance,so hes put in 1 room and both bedroom doors are closed,hell I cant even recall the last time they were here.
  20. Just make sure your landlord doesn't do inspections a lot and make a nice grow box with no light leaks. Even though it may be legal the landlord can make a rule of no drugs and marijuana may fall under that due to federal laws

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