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Who got totally ripped today?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iseesmurfs420, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I did i rolled a ten sack into a j not expecting much and it burned for 20 minutes. I was high as a kite and still am hahahah.
  2. i scraped an old pipe today. got a lot of resin. rolled it into a bowl. rolled the resin ba;l in the little bit of shake i had left. and smoked it up. it lasted me and a buddy of mine about 30 minutes just to smoke it all. after that we went to some chicks house and talked to her for awhile. then we went and picked up 1/8 of the best weed i've seen around town in a long time. then we went to the headshop just down the street from my house. my buddy got a little sherlock and i got a one hitter that looks like a cigarette. smoked a bowl about an hour ago, and now i'm just relaxing in my nice warm bed with my laptop browsing the city. life is good.
  3. I got pretty ripped last night. The bong was treatin' me good, lol.
  4. I smoke a few bowls a while ago, gotta love it :)
  5. I smoked a bowl with some hash on top. mmmm....
  6. I took a couple Vicodin earlier and smoked. I was pretty ripped. About to take a couple more and hit the bong again. :D
  7. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd :D
  8. HAHAH Im glad to hear it. I just accomplished a feat. This is a personal best. I rolled a joint that burned for 30 minutes and it was only half way done. All i rolled in it was a 10 sack so Im amazed. Or maybe Im still stoned hahaha.
  9. Around 12 15 or so me and my buddy both pitched in and rolled a fat blunt with vanilla blunt wraps, we smoked 3/4 of it and got really high and went back to school at 1, we then came back to omy house around 2 30 and finsihed the blut. we kept smoking until 4 or so then I took some vicoden at about 6. Neeedless to say I was ripped all day
  10. i did! I walked over to my neighbors and bought a dime so me and two friends could get high. Plus one got high for the first time! That brings me up to 6 I think!

  11. No tests for a while?

  12. I bet it felt good to smoke again huh Wang? Are your test drug testing days over? Or ya just couldn't hold out any longer, lol. ;)

    Edit: Never mind the questions, I just read your "High so high" thread. :D
  13. im gonna be getting really stoned tonight......jsut as soon as my girl gets out of the shower.......
  14. Yes i got stoned today and am going to a concert later on so i'll probably be getting stoned there :)
  15. Cool Shogun. Hope you have a great time, who are you going to see?

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