who gets there girlfriend to help ?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Wonderskunk, May 17, 2010.

  1. so i just moved in to a 1 bedroom apt with my girlfriend. i have 2 dr60 growtents and as soon as i moved in may 1 i set my tents up. one is a real dr60 which i flower in with a 250hps and then i made a second one for veg with cfl reflecter

    so in the last while i have slowly been getting my girl to help me out i started her out by helping me cut clones "she loves the babys"

    i want to start getting her more involved to help me out since she smokes half the stash anyways . i want to get her trimming and helping with the nutes

    but my porblem is that i spend a lot of time with the plants or on here reading for hours and that is when she gets mad that i spend so much time on my "hoby"

    dose any one else out there get there girl to help out and have any tips or ways i can get her on board fully and even maby on here reading all the helpfull post

    i have been growing for over a year now and i have had 3 harvest that have yeilded sum of the most potent og kush, kandy kush , nebula, greenkrack and LSD all with the help of the info i get here and advanced nutes and i want to share my pasion whith my girl....
  2. Loose lips sink ships, You shouldn't tell anyone, as long as she is cool i guess it would be ok, just think like if you guys broke up she will have dirt on you. Be Safe.
  3. she is super cool and we have been together a while so im not to worried about her ratting me out and where i live its supper lax about weed
  4. Having an extra set of hands when your trimming makes it alot easier ;)
  5. shit sounds like you gotta a good set up, my first grow i was dying for help but i knew i couldn't get it. Least you got that man, good luck bro.
  6. lol everytime i show my girlfriend my plants she is just astonished that i can even grow weed.
  7. Couldnt do it without her.
  8. I was going through the same issues with my wife she hated that I spent hours reading on this site and was always complaining about the time I spend with my other ladies the best thing I ever done was give her a fem seed of her own and told her to go for it at first I had been helping her along but its more like a competition now she loves it and will not even let me do anything with Sadie, thats her plant it was the best thing I done.
    I think it's helped our relationship too.
  9. It became neccessary in my house, at one point, that the 'Ole Lady get a green thumb. When You both work full time and support a kid, AND flower your plants, that damn 12/12 schedule starts to get tricky without her.
  10. Hey at least shes cool with it could be worse.Does she have hobbies or do activities without you?Thats kinda important sometimes( no offense )women change there lifestyle for relationships ,don't talk to there friends as much,stop goin anywhere unless its with u.Its like they rely on u to be the cure for boredom or whatever.Hopefully she'll find it as fun and gratifing as u do
  11. HAHA i thought this was a thread made for me... my girl used to hate weed she dated a "Pothead" for a year and he would cheat on her and even hit her she broke up with him and about a year later we meet and hit it off we make eachother so happy but i smoked and have since my dad gave me my first joint it always seemed natural im not lazy in any way im very outgoing bu because i smoked she wouldnt date me so i gave it up for her and the first 6 months we were together i quit then she realized that the weed didnt make me a douche so she is cool with it now i even grow... i got her to take a hit of some dank from a bong and she got ripped but didnt like the way it make her feel.... everytime i show her my dwc hydro girls shes like... thats cool there is a plant in your closet haha.... but i will deff get her to help trim the harvest

  12. Right! My wife loves lookin at my lil operation....She complained at first then she cut some clones with me, im slowly gettin her more on board
  13. Yeah, wouldn't that be a f*cking miracle.
  14. My girl always helps trim, other than that I hardly let her touch a thing :D. She doesnt smoke but she likes the idea that i dont have to drop 300 bucks a zip on some primo smoke every week.
  15. haha my girldfriend was skeptical about me growing, but now that my red card is soon to be a true story, she is beyond fascinated by the process and wont stop pestering me about when these sprouts will pop outta the soil hehehhehe
  16. I'm in the same situation and something that has really made my(our) growing experience more fun is teaching her how to grow and giving her her OWN plant to care for. You're welcome.
  17. so i showed the girl friend and i atleast feel beter that she is going to come around but it may take time

    and im glad im not the only one hahahahah
  18. this is kinda neat cause its the other way around for me.... my hubby doesnt smoke, cant smoke really but fully supports me growing and smoking..lol.... we just moved to italy and weed is apparently hard to find here, hash is abundant, but he is loving that he doesnt have to pay for it anymore and is intrigued with the whole growing process..... hope your girl comes around
  19. unless she knows what she is doing, keep her in the kitchen. you dont want them getting fucked up.
  20. come on man, have some respect for the ladies around here.

    I'll assume you were joking.

    Women are smarter, way more attractive, so different from us they offer a unique perspective.

    The fact that they nurturing skills that makes them want to feed and take care of us should not be used against them IMO.

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