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Who gets the best deal buying weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by just one toke, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Of course growing weed you're going to get weed for like 5 dollars an ounce, but not all of us can grow...

    For those of us that buy what do you pay and where at? I pay 90 for a half and 160 for an ounce here in Washington but I'm always looking for better deals. Me and my friends may pool our money soon and buy a quarter pound at once and split it and end up with halfs for 60 bucks each which would be fucking awesome.

    What do you pay? And who thinks they get the best hookup around?
  2. 150 on the o 
  3. I pay 200 an O

    I'm on the east coast though, I don't know anyone that pays less then me unless their grabbing like a hp-p
  4. Well up in Calgary I can find trees for 75 bucks an ounce people will smoke it and get high, has crystals has lots of purple but then again the high doesn't last. Youll smoke a bunch and get high for about 15-30 minutes. even if you smoke only the kief from the bud.And you do get a nice bit of keif no lie.. But the weird thing is I can barley find trees that can get me high for 1 hour and a half straight no burnout. If I do its either luck from a dispensary or organic and expensive witch I do buy. I don't buy any thing else im paying 250 an ounce but fuck I get strains and selection. I dunno what they do to those trees but its going around like the h1n1 and nobody can tell it apart from the flu U HEARD? Stop smoking so much goddam bush, look good smell good in the bag, lots of crystal, but da fuck u lite that shit and hell broke loose !
  5. I'm over in Connecticut. Our prices are higher because we tend to make more money. So don't be too shocked. But around me, a "good" deal is $245 for an ounce of high quality bud. I hear about people getting an ounce for $150 and shit haha
  6. 150/Oz in Vancouver
  7. 160 for a half of pure dank and 300 for the oz
  8. $62 a Oz of mids
  9. I can pay $100/oz from one of my guys, given he's got enough to sell. If he doesn't have any, I can get it from someone else for $130

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  10. where abouts in ct are you?
  11. Cops get the best deals. Fuckers take it for free, you pay them money, and still don't get any dope back! Win win.

    I pay 20 a g for exo 175 an oz
    75 a half for mids, 135 for oz.
  12. Around 150/oz for top shelf dank in QC, Canada.
    Really great place to be
  13. I don't think this is a good idea for a thread, all theres gonna be is a bunch of ppl competing over who can get the best deal
    *cough* 320 *cough* upset lol
  14. 160 last time i bought an o but it varies. im in the southeast btw.
  15. Depends on how much u buy my friends. More = cheaper price. Pee's usually hit for 19-24 of indoor, then comes outdoor at 9-14.

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  16. 212 if I snag weight 250 otherwise good for my area (upstate ny) only the best of the best
  17. Does it matter? We would buy it no matter the price! I pay zip...grow it now...holla at your boy!

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  18. 240/z for 22% and up thc
  19. where you from?
  20. 220 a o
    Or in Scotland its 320

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