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  1. Solid Snake could kick chuck norris' ass?
  2. Hehe... I actually know the answer to this :) Yeah, Solid would whoop on ole Chuckie. Chuck's slo-mo roundhouse kicks aint SHIT to Solid's C4, biatch!!!
  3. Are you fucking kidding me?

    I don't know if you've heard the news--Chuck Norris is the end-all.
  4. Until I see Chuck Norris take on like 50 metal gear RAYs with only small arms fire and win, then Solid wins.
  5. solid snake would just shoot him.
  6. Chuck Norris stops bullets, dude... :smoking:
  7. im saying, ice cube would win...now, now, before you go on about sayin hes not an option, let me just say this. ICE CUBE DOES WHATEVER HE WANTS

    infact, cube killed 3 people frontin on him when he was filmin are we there yet...and then after the movie, them little kids started frontin, so he took em to school...once he pimped out oprah so he could have money for a new car, cause apparently she wont let rappers have a spot on her show...then he pissed on dr.dre, but thats another story, that shall not be told (hed kill me, and everyone who read it)

    okay maybe not...and maybe that was funny to only me...

    anyway, chuck would give his death glare...and get mowed down by a hail of gunfire...snake all the way, him and mastercheif would destroy anyone (cept cube)
  8. Solid Snake killed Grey Fox with his bare hands in the middle of a minefield.

    Fuck chuck norris.
  9. Master Chief is a queer compared to Norris, you kiddin me?

    What's up with all the Chuck-hating, I thought the entire world accepted him as our Lord and savior.
  10. The new raiden could take chuck :rolleyes:

    If you haven't seen the MGS4 trailer... I can't think of words of to describe how badassly uberly breathtaking it is. Gave me goosebumps.
  11. All's I'm saying, is that Chuck Norris > ______________
  12. he stole my bike, and seduced my mom, then when i was about to ask my girl to marry me, he stole the ring and now hes got my girl, my mom, AND my bike...seriously, dudes straight up bad news, he was the one who shot 50 all 9 times, and that was for him sneezing:eek:...

    im gonna go out on a limb here and admit, i have smoked myself retarded....
  13. Solid Snake was based off of Chuck Norris as a fetus to make the character more realistic and not as super human.
  14. hahahaha :laughing:

  15. Retarded enough to think Master Chief would beat Norris.
  16. which video gaming message board did you come from?
  17. i never said master cheif would win, but him and snake would destroy everyone...so theres still snake i there...

    one on one, i think mastercheif would sit there pistol whippin the air while norris kicked the AI out of him....

    but two on one totally takes the cake..

    still cept for cube...cube didnt die in the original boyz in the hood...he started sprayin his ak, killed everyone, woke up in a barren world, and recorded today was a good day...:rolleyes:

    the smoked retarded was a joke before...but i just forgot i was making toast, and tried to make toast while it already had some bread in there,,,and i sat there like zoolander or a chimp on shrooms, trying to figure out what was wrong...
  18. Solid Snake would destroy Chuck Norris, him and his horrible beard..

    But Big Boss when he was young would have skinned Snake alive...
  19. oh ya, and one last thing...SONIC...sonic would destroy both of em, and then go kick dr. robotnick

    oh god, i think im gonna have to break out the sega soon,
  20. I think Chuck Norris would give the illusion of being defeated so he could come back later and kill Solid Snake in his sleep. That's how Chuck rolls. He doesn't sleep, he waits.

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