who else thinks pineapple express sucks?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. i mean its very frequent among the stoner community but i just cant get into it....am i the only one??

    that "it smells like tapeoka" makes me so mad :mad:
  2. Why does it make you mad?
    i think that he is an amazing comedian.
    and all pot smokers have said something lke that

    i remember a thread a few weeks ago, about some one saying no matter what they eat....it tasted like vanilla pudding.
  3. I watched Reel Comedey last night on Pineapple express and I must say the actors seem totally into the movie, I think its going to end up being great, what makes you think/say it sucks? It's the stoner adventure flick of our age! :smoking:

    Pumped to see it but I need to get a hold of the green stuff before I go, want to go to the drive in and Hotbox the car up when I see it :D
  4. I mean, we are all OBVIOUSLY dumb, sluggish, slow losers when we're stoned :rolleyes:

    I'll see it, but the stereotyping does set us back. Just a tad.
  5. i keep calling this movie "Pineapple Trainwreck"
  6. For some reason, I'm really drawn to seeing this movie.

    I have been since I first saw the previews... even before I heard all the hype.

    Who knows?

    Hope it turns out for the best, though.
  7. Well to quote producer Judd Apatow, "It's an anti-marijuana film courtesy of the Nancy Reagan Foundation."

    I want to see it. I am going to see it. I will laugh. And there's nothing you haters can do to stop me. :p
  8. agreed, its certainly not helping the cause of legalization or decriminalization, but i think it should still be a pretty good movie, if your high.
  9. So my girls mom is a movie promoter so i get to see movies like a month before they come out and pineapple express was one of those movies! I would say its in my top 3 of weed movies and truly competes with cheech and chong! the weed they show looks dank and it really puts a true light on stoners not just a moive with every stereo type out there. i say watch and watch over again I've seen in alot and cant get enough
  10. The movie looks aight, I'm sure it'll be funny really stoned. I fucking HATED Knocked Up, but I'm sure this movie will be nothing like that. Who else is going to the theaters really stoned??
  11. all i know is the doods high school girlfriend i forget her name shes on the cover of maxim though and is really 20 something is crazy hot so that alone will prob make it worth it
  12. *hits the WRONG buzzer*
  13. tits and hot girls make running on hot coals worth it
  14. I can see this movie being like every other stoner movie where after the first fifteen minutes it has very little to do with weed
  15. that inspires me to make a film ENTIRELY ABOUT SMOKING MARIJUANA
  16. get off your high horse, maby it's just you can't understand simple slapstick comedy, go watch a chick flick, I here there nice and complex for people of your stature.
  17. People are allowed to not like movies.
  18. Please let me know if you actually do undertake this endeavor, as I would be SOOOO willing to help.
  19. judging from the previews, i'm probably not going to enjoy it very much. the jokes were really lame, and they usually put the best jokes of the movie in the previews.

    i won't pay to go see it, i might watch it when it comes on the starz channel if i have nothing better to do.
  20. I rarely find that Apatow's previews show the funniest parts of his movies, he tends to keep the greatest scenes saved for the actual movie.

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