who else likes knocked up?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Fatjack4391, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Or any other seth rogen and/or happy madison productions pictures?

    Grandma's Boy is funny as fuck, Knocked Up was hilarious.

    What are some other good stoner movies?
  2. Haha i love them both. :D especially knocked up
  3. obviously Pineapple Express, lol.
  4. I love Grandma's Boy and Pineapple Express. I still have yet to see Knocked Up.
  5. I almost pissed my pants with laughter watching knocked up. Fucking awesome movie :hello:
  6. yeah i like seth rogan and all these new young funny people like jason segal, jay baruchel, pete from knocked up (cant remember his name). pretty much everyone from the judd apatow movies
  7. "why dont you go fuck your bong"
    "I will, doggystyle for once"

    best line EVER
  8. Superbad and Half Baked are great stoned. That Mr. Skin face Paul Rudd did was probably the most I've ever laughed in a theater. 'Who needs a time machine?'
  9. When they tripped on shrooms during Cirque De Solei...that was fucking great haha
  10. Superbad, Strange Wilderness and Walk Hard were fuckin mad funny
  11. i love all those movies! hilarious really!
  12. your damn right they are

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