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Who Else Has Passed A Drug Test In One Day?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blueberry_kush, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Okay so I am pretty exited because I just passed a drug test in one day without using anything to alter it. It was just straight up pee. I smoked all day yesterday. I probably smoked close to 4 grams. The next day my parents randomly ask me to do a drug test. At this point im freaking out because my mom is phyco and would send me to drug rehab if I failed. I swear to god. Anyway, I told them I didnt have to pee so I could buy more time. They gave me 30 minutes to drink water so I could pee. During those 30 minutes my parents went to take the dogs on a walk and while they were gone I drank probably about 15 or 16 full glasses of water. When they came back they had me pee in the cup and I peed pretty much clear (with a little bit of yellow) and passed the test with just my pee and nothing else. Can someone explain how is that even possible! Prior to that test I had been smoking strong everyday for about a month. Im a very lucky person because I avoided going to rehab for smoking weed. How ridiculous does that sound..

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    You're pretty fucking lucky. Tell your parents to fuck off though seriously they can't control your life. As long as you're a relatively good kid and stay out of trouble for the most part I'd flip em the bird if they tried sending you to rehab. I'd straight up go to war with my parents if they ever so much as even suggested that shit

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