Who else drives a standard?

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  1. I love manual transmission, I've owned 3 vehicles total in my short life and 2 out of the 3 have been standard.

    My first was an '89 Jeep Commanche eliminator (not a fan of trucks but I loved that truck), then I moved on to an automatic and could not stand automatic. I found myself constantly moving my left foot and reaching for the shifter when I was driving.

    Thankfully I'm driving a standard '97 Saturn now which gets great gas mileage.

    Anyway, back to the point. I totally dig standard vehicles, it's such a better driving experience.

    Anyone else feel this way?
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  2. My car is standard but I hate it because you have to pay more attention.
  3. I do, and love it. Fuck auto trannies
  4. man i learned on a standard
  5. I drive a motorcycle right now which is a manual but in the past 3 out of my 4 cars have been stick-shift.
  6. I personally love stick shifts. First car I ever drove was a 1990 jeep, out in the woods while I was wearing motocross boots. Not easy to drive in, by the way. Then stuck with manuals in motorcycles and cars until I started a painting business. Got a shitty ass 1983 dodge ram, automatic, to use as a production vehicle.

    Now I have a 1996 Audi A4 quattro, 2.8 L... manual. I'm so happy.
  7. i have a '41 dodge sedan that is a 3 speed on the column and i just wouldnt trust an automatic to survive all the years with the stuff that could go wrong with it.
  8. CANT STAND AUTOMATICS!!...for a few reasons...1. cost upwards of $1,000 more for it to be an automatic in the first place..2 you have more control of the car with a manual and 3 IF and it's a big IF you dont stand on it manual transmissions have been shown to get better gas mileage...plus autos are just fucking boring...put it in D and your done
  9. I drive a manual too. It makes the driving experience so much more real. It's especially fun trying to light your bowl and shift at the same time! You know you're a true pothead if you can drive a manual in rush hour traffic while stoned.

    FYI....my car is 94 Mitsubishi Galant 5spd. I love getting < 30 mpg without even trying. 40 mpg if I turn off the engine and coast through stretches of my commute!
  10. In England, 99% of cars are manuals. And at MrBurnsAlot, paying that little bit more attention could save your life.
  11. My first (and current) car is an 88 Mustang GT. Learned to drive it, and once I got it down there was no going back. Driving an auto tranny is NOT fun, it's NOT an experience, and it just plain sucks :smoking:. There is nothing like hearing the engine when you fire her up, or just playin with the shifter while it's in neutral cause your stuck at a red light.
  12. :wave:My current car is manual. With all this new technology though I'm really liking autos on SOME cars. If I had the dough, I'd get the new GTI with the dsg tranny, only cause it shifts waayyy faster than I can. For me, this makes the car a lot more fun to drive.

  13. Sure are, but a lot of the bigger cars (sedans and 4x4) are automatics nowadays, I went car-shopping with my dad a few weeks back and I was really surprised to see how the majority of the cars we saw were autos; mercedes, bmx, toyota, audi, mazda, citroen..

    Auto just less fun than a manual. Even in my dads A4 with the sports setting on the automatic it still doesn't match the control you have over a car with a manual transmission.
  14. Shame, the A4 is a damn fun car in manual.... I really want to get the audi TT roadster. Now that looks like a fun car.... Or a mazda RX8.... or a Mini Cooper... man, I'm drooling.
  15. Autos are for passengers... I'll drive my own car thanks. Standard baby...
  16. I have standard and love it.
  17. I row my own, thank you.
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  18. I used to love it, but it became a huge pain for me. I'd love to have a second car that was a stick, but as far as a daily goes, I'd rather take an automatic.
  19. I have an auto and I really wish it was a manual, but I'm a college student and I drive a mitsu lancer 04. It's got like 150hp, so fuck the manual on this car. My next one though, definately, as long as its 250hp+

    i would feel lame driving around in like a stock honda civic manual or some shit (If they even make those, idc just making a point).

  20. only having 150 horse is the reason to get a stick. Ill say 9 times out of 10 a manual is more effecient than an auto, and you have more control over the car.

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