Who Else Does This?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by silverado42069, May 22, 2013.

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    Who else will use beer cans for a pipe with nothing else to smoke with?
    Or make a highlighter pipe out of bare materials?
    Decided to spend the night about 50 miles from the nearest town fishing at a local lake (caught 3 trout and 2 bass)! and had only a little bit of weed and forgot rolling papers...so off came a bowl from a beer can and later used the can to mix some spices and butter to cook the fish in a pie iron :) :smoking:
    It was kinda cool cuz it tasted like bud Lol
    But yeah, what is your favorite thing to smoke out of if you forget your blunts, bong, whatever you have :bongin: :smoking: :smoke:

  2. In highschool my friends used an orange soda can, just crush in the middle, poke some holes and inhale from the hole you drink out of. Very resourceful, Ive never done it though or would suggest to do it a lot, but thats just me
  3. Hell yeah it is! Lol
    I heard it could give you brain damage from the aluminum so I use it as a last resort though :D
  4. Yeah, even once in middle school I saw this kid I knew smoking out of a home made pipe made compeltely out of aluminum foil. I didnt smoke back then but I was just like damn guess you gotta work with what you got lol
  5. there are some greasy chemicals released when using a can as a pipe when you light the herb, do like I do and use your hand next time. :eek:
  6. Stop that immediately! Aluminum will give you alzheimers or some shit from the fumes it gives off, and plastic, well i shouldn't have to tell you its not safe to smoke out of! 
    Everybody's been desperate or new and unequipped (with knowledge & tools); me and my friends used cans all the time in high school when nobody owned a pipe or was old enough to buy papers; but if you're older than 18 resorting to such barbaric and well, disgusting, methods of getting high; is just kinda sad..
  7. Only a few times have I had to resort to non glass or paper. I used fruit though. 
  8. Yeah I tried it out of an apple once after work with some buddies, it was pretty awesome
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    I can take pride in saying that I've never used aluminum foil or a can to smoke with.
  10. Just last week my manager and I used an empty soda can in the parking lot, dumb I know, aluminum gives you Alzheimer, but when you're desperate...
    We've also done tinfoil which we shaped around a pencil, apples, potatoes... I work in a kitchen so there is no short supply of things to Macgyver, but I think my favorite so far is fruits of any kind. Pears taste good, but they are so juicy sometimes its hard to burn your green if it sits too long.

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