Who eats da pussay?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Sonymon, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Just wondering for all you guys out there. besides me lol i love the pink taco. Who likes to just eat your girl out. I find it very enjoyable after we get high and shower together.

    so who eats da pussey?

    girls what do u like when it comes to being eaten out?
  2. Shouldn't this be on the Sex, Love, and Relationships sub-forum? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  3. I don't never have...not gonna say I never will..but I suffer from an innate pussy tasting phobia...I'm scared that it will taste nasty as hell.... I'm good enough with my dick anyway pussy eating is foreplay...

  4. you would think so but to answer the ?, with a knife and fork
  5. did once

    ruined it for me

    maybe a girl will come along and change that
  6. Better question, who DOESN"T eat it?
  7. It's delicious.
  8. I'll take your word but it just aint my shtick. I don't get complaints for not doing it...then again I've never had a girlfriend that I've felt connected enough too to even try it. Hell, I've never even had a real gf...lets not get this confused...I've fucked A LOT of girls being a college bass player pussy comes and goes, but I've yet to meet that girl that is you know special or whatever. I think its maybe because I'm immature and being tied down is a scary thought...in my experience guys who let themselves get tied down end up being whipped...you know the kind...get a phone call tell everyone to shut up and then proceed to lie...in order to please a girl who gets on everyone's nerves anyway...yeah that will never be me...ever. Man I need some weed.
  9. True dat homie.

    Don't just eat any Taco.

    I do it only to my special lady.
    It's been 19 months so she checks out, na mean?

    Woo 200th!
  10. i have i do i love it. if shes clean, its one hell of a thing to do, specially if shes a loud one
  11. Yes sir! I eat pussy with a passion! Nothing better than doing it good and having your girl squeeze your head between her thighs lol
  12. Possibly one of my favorite things to do

    ^^ Aggreed man!
  13. I licky da asshole. :metal:
  14. Ofcourse I do.
    if u want some good head, u love your girl and want her to have pleasure to, then u do it.
    And it is fun too, its real nice to be between her soft legs and licking and sucking the shit outta that wet nice soft lovepouch.
    Recommend it to anyone having sex with a clean girlfriend.
  15. Lol, [​IMG] for all those out in this world that think homosexuality is a choice, I was BORN to lick pussy!!!![​IMG]
  16. real men eat pussy
  17. I'm a pussy pirate, so yes

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