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Who doesn't name pieces?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zalzal010, May 11, 2006.

  1. Seems names are a very important part of the new piece experience for many smokers.

    but for me, I just never felt the need, nor the inspiration to name a piece. My small collection includes a pipe, 3 bubblers, 2 bongs, and none of them have a real established name.

    So, I'm curious if my glass is alone in it's nameless existance. who out there doesn't name their stuff?
  2. i named my first was a green sherlock, named green goblin. other then that, i have a 18'' glass bong, i just call it bong, no specific name, yet, when the colors change more i will.
  3. My only "piece" has no name either. Don't see the point, really.
  4. I never thought about naming my peices, I just call it the bong. For example, pass 'the bong'. Easy to remember.

  5. I always name my pieces, I just feel that it gives it more character. Each bong/pipe/bubbler/ etc. is specific and different just like every person so it should be given a name in my opinion. Thats just me though, if you don't want to or don't feel like naming your pieces thats totally fine, I have some friends that just say "wanna smoke out of my spoon/bong/bubbler tonight" I really enjoy going through the naming process though. To each his/her own.
  6. I never really got into naming my pieces.
  7. I feel that my smoking devices have there own touch and they r all different, and they desrve a name, they do not get a name if I have not had something to make me think of one. All of my pieces have a name but 1, and I am working on it. Naming your pieces just makes it more personel, anybody can have a glass spoon, but a glass spoon with a left hand carb named Kenneth Noisewater is personal you know? JOE>:smoke:
  8. Used to.

    Not anymore, got too lethargic :smoking:
  9. I have 2 pieces, no names.
  10. Some pieces have names, some don't. Just depends on if I can think up the "right" name.
  11. nah, that shit is corny!
  12. I can't vote yes AND no. Some of my pieces have names and others do not.
  13. i voted yeah. the names are really only there for me though

    when friends are around im just like, pass the bowl or break out the bong, just easier that way

    but for my own little shits n giggles, yeah i name em
  14. its a piece of glass/metal/wood/stone its not a living organism therefore i dont see why people treat them as pets or somehting
  15. when buyin i look for one that could have a cool name
  16. I dont name mine, but the one I have I bought off a bud. And he named it.
  17. Nah noit me, i dont name em
  18. I only have one peice, which is new. Before getting it I always assumed my peices but something just seemed weird about it so I didn't.
  19. I bought a new pipe today and it hasn't been named either.
  20. I just bought my first piece ever yesterday, it's just a little $10 bowl, but it means I can stop smoking blunts for a while and never have to touch aluminum foil again. It's got some great designs, so if the inspiration hits me I might just name it. Until then, it's just "bowl."

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