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Who DOESN'T Love Obliviot?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 8, 2003.


Who Doesn't Love Blivvie?

  1. THC101, Gravy, Bongish, 420Shade, and other post whores who've lost reccognistion from the top p

    0 vote(s)
  2. Straight, Gay, Bi, Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, Young, Old, .... it matters not. No one can resist.

    0 vote(s)
  3. I dont know about anyone else, but i know that i for one havnt fallen for him.

    0 vote(s)
  4. Moonlighthigh, Mrs Dingus, and other women who are spoken for (that includes you ganjamom). <-- Sel

    0 vote(s)
  5. Ashley Judd

    0 vote(s)
  1. ok, i know Ganjamama, mslm, and higha got the hots for sure... just wondering, is there anyone out there who's not fallen for his charms?
  2. who doesnt like him!?! ..:: puts on brass knuckles::...
  3. Obliviots cool!

    I need to reread your poll choices...were you hatin'?

    ***ok, I see it...Don't weren't hatin'.

    ***********I'm just too high to participate today, I think. Maybe I'll just read.
  4. lol, nah, i voted for the one i expect everyone to vote for.

    i try not to reflect my own views in the polls... you should know this jilly. :p
  5. hehe, you edited that quick.
  6. Wow...that was great....I have tears running down my cheeks...I'm still laughing.

  7. :p
    it wasnt that funny. you must be pretty stoned. :( bitch.

    no fair.

  8. You and Woody are killing me today. My cheeks are hurting from how much I'm laughing.

    ... :( bitch...

  9. yeah, glad you liked that part rumjil. i had to do something that was actually funny to show the contrast... and besides... I know how you like it rough... bitch. ;) *chuckles*
  10. lmao

    *sits on his porch with a shotgun smokinokie style, and dares someone to steal his #10 spot ;P*

    and obliv still is great :p
  11. shame on you digiboy for making me log alll the way in when i should be cookin chow for my little 'peeps', i said peeps again hehe..
    but im laughin way too hard
    post whore. :D stylez nice job on the okiestyle, you'll always be #1postwhore
    now love.....i said he was cute.wait i know you your going to quote me, i said woohoo or somthing. ok i dont know what i said claiming magnicint again.
    hots eh?.... dunno if i could fend off ganjama or mslm

    but i could

    bad digiboy

  12. ya knew i had to quote ya after sayin i was gonna quote ya! lol.

    i hate to break it to ya, but your not the first person to tell me how bad i am in the last 24 hours. ;)

    meh heh heh.

  13. ah how i hate to break it to ya too, your not the first or even the 5th preson i told today they were bad 6 if you count the dog :D

    do you think i might just want to keep posting in the i love obliviot post....hhm

  14. lmfao!!!
  15. whoaaa man... im not a man of hate...... more of the hugggggggge wise ass type, but hey everyones got there thing.....

    I like him plenty ( in a forum posting kinda way)...lots of funny replies to keep the good threads, goin....

    plus, i still whore around... just more creativly now....

    i guess once a slut always a slut, ehh digit? :D

    edit: i didn't even know i was that recoginzed....well besides a few anyway...:D

  16. yep i been whorin a bit again recently too. i think i should be aloud to tho. have you seen the size of some of my bigger posts?

    you and the gravy monkey are an integral part of the city man. of course you are reccognized
  17. ah fuck.. i hadnt realised my other reply in here hadnt gone through. fuckit. its lost forecer. only the internet sea monkeys know what was writen, and it will stay that way. probably for teh best.

    oh you guys.. :rolleyes:

    quality whoring is tollerated, accepted and yes, even appreciated when its as entertaining as that! ;)
  18. yeah.. i'm really fuckin confused now tho.

    them some craaazy analogies.
  19. lucy to his dezy

    the cheese on his pizza

    the water in his bong

    the light to his flame

    im trying really hard to hold back

    balls to his wanker :D
    oooh i tried really hard to hold that one back.........dam

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