who does little wayne actually have beef with

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  1. idk. has he actually dissed any one? has any one dissed him back? i cant find anything.
  2. He's a bitch anyway.
  3. exactly i want to seee/ hear a battle with him or something
  4. The entire world disses Lil' Wayne on a daily basis.
  5. through thick n thin, lil wayne can piss out hundreds, while most of us, cant piss out singles
    he was sick back in the day, but every album keeps getting worse from here on out, if you ask me.
    bottomline, he's made it big, wether you like it or not

  6. So did Vanilla Ice, Britney Spears, Hurricane Chris, Nickelback, Billy Ray Cyrus, etc, but you don't see me respecting them.

    Making it big and being a TALENTED musician who puts out credible material is respectable. Not just getting rich.
  7. thank you. wayne was fuckin sick back in the waynes world and the early drought mixtapes, and now i can hardly find a new song that i like by him.

    but i dunno who wayne actually beef wit now. he should have mad beef wit chuck t for leakin carter 3, but he aint done shit hah.. gucci mane been callin out weezy lately too. aint BG and wayne got beef?
  8. yeah alot of people dont like wayne but i dont think lil wayne said shit.. he got knocked out by lil jeezy in orleans and he was rolling through the valley and the local crips stopped him and talked shit..
  9. anyone who says lil wayne isnt talented is merely just ignorant (no offense)....you only listen to his "radio" songs im sure......take a look around the internet if you want to hear good songs by the best rap artist in the world to get high to. also, he's putting out dozens of songs EVERY WEEK, obviously all of it isnt going to be good, but in my opinion half of it is better than what everyone else is putting out.
  10. Hahahahahaha your first two sentences make me laugh. Calling someone who actually listens to decent music (not just rap) and hasn't listened to the radio in years ignorant?

    Wrong and Wrong. I don't think the majority of blades said Wayne sucks because they heard him on the radio hahahahaah. Mad funny.

    Who gives a fuck if he puts out "dozens of songs a week"? That doesn't mean he's good. Give me a perfectly crafted album over these mixtapes anyday.

    Listen to "Return of the Mecca" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth and get back to me.
  11. Youre right. I think his CD's SUCK. I mean, they suck hard with a few minor exceptions. TC3 was largely a dissapointment, esp when on the best song on the cd, the track is owned by Jay-Z.

    BUT. The other 800-1000 songs he put out this year were simply stellar. His mixtapes are by far his strength, and the one reason he should be able to at least stake a legitimate claim to best rapper alive.
  12. Some of his songs are aright, but if you think hes the best... Or anywhere near the best, look up some of his freestyles. Wait ill give ya'll a link. ******* hilarious ****.


    Takes him like 3 minutes just to get the balls to start.
    If ya wanna listen to good, real rap, look up immortal technique. He may open your eyes to a bunch of lies also.
  13. God finally a thread where people actually explain why they dont like wayne instead of just argueing (Is that how you spell it?) HAhahahaa
  14. his mama
  15. did his beef with youngbuck ever get squashed?
  16. the new lil wayne is just stupid,take the time to actually listen to the stupid shit he says....the only thing i like from him are the beats
  17. this thread is gay, why does it matter if anyone has beef with anyone.
  18. because he just wanted to know i guess
    i dont think that is a problem
  19. he dissed pharell and clipse
  20. He had beef with 50 cent at one point, but that didn't last too long.

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