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  1. i went to my girlfriends school today so we could have lunch. on our way to the store a bus splashed us. my jeans were soaked but she barely got wet. there was water in her shoes thats it.

    she wanted to go home and change. she got a pass to go home from the office. so i was like lets just eat first then go. she tells me no we can eat on the way to her house.

    then when the bus gets by her house she tells me i cant come in. i ask her why and she tells me some lie about how her uncle might drive by. so i told her not to talk to me and i left. i know for an absolute fact she was lying.

    am i wrong for being mad? i came all the way there to have lunch with her. if she wasn't going to let me come in she coulda eaten with me right?

    sorry abot grammar im usin my phone
  2. One will never understand the female, but I can tell you I would have been pissed to
  3. and how should i handle this? i'm already ignoring her. but she fucking pissed me off.

  4. Fuck her mom, that will show her!
  5. You have every right to be mad.
  6. Just don't talk to her for the rest of the day until she fesses up and stops playing drama games. Especially blatant lying. This isn't middle-school.
  7. I agree with the Labrador chap. Just ignore her. If she brings it up just be like "whatever I'm done with it. I'm over the issue and it means nothing to me."
  8. PROPZ!!! to you, I've always wanted to do that,, I have before but I didnt tell dont or stop talking to me,, my girl dosnt have a car so if she's pissing me off on some selfish shit like that, I just take her home but dont tell her, its funny to me, well pull up and shell be like WAH why!!!
  9. Doesn't sound like you were too unreasonable to me. Idk maybe a bit extreme by tellin her to pretty much fuck off, but I mean... she was being pretty ridiculous. Unless she was hiding something in her house. But you were nice enough to go have lunch with her, so her not letting you into her house even is kind of a slap to the face
  10. I'd be pretty upset. Although I wouldn't have just left, I would have talked to her about the issue instead of ignoring her so I could find out what was up.
  11. High school relationships don't matter.
  12. You had to get a "pass" to go home? How old are you, 12?
  13. I wouldn't get too worked up over it guy
  14. Her uncle might drive by?? What the shit does that have to do with your relationship? Is she not aloud to have a relationship? She hiding you from her family?

    Sounds like some middle school shit to me.
  15. OP, She prob didn't want to get in trouble man.. Maybe she just likes you but doesn't want to seem lame or something.

    Also - Were you driving? Did you meet her at School (HS?) like.. school buses? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    If that is the case.. then I prob should stop giving you information about dating. :wave:
  16. Ummm... yeah you were a little in the wrong. Not inviting you indoors means nothing. xD She just had to run in and change, it isn't like she was inviting you back to her place for an afternoon delight, you need to calm down. xD
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    How long how you been together? How old are you? It seems like she still isn't comfortable enough to let you into her home (seems like that was never a plan with her from the start) and risk her parents seeing you full of mud and splashed up? Maybe her parents are anal about that kind of thing and she didn't want you to put her into a situation for somebody to embarrass her so she made up a lie to cover her own ass? Or maybe someone is aware of you but doesn't agree and she doesn't want somebody to see?
  18. Dude hasn't posted in like over a day since everyone called his immature shit out lol
  19. If its a kiddy relationship she prolly did it cause her mom doesnt let her date and if shes seen with a guy it would be bad for her. I know because my mom was like this with my sister and I noticed how she would always have to sneak around to be with a guy. Dont take it personal its just her respecting her parents rules.
  20. I'm a woman and even I think that's wrong. I would've sat and eaten with you. And even if it was true that her uncle would drive by, so what. You're her boyfriend that's a stupid excuse. If I were you, I would let her know how pissed you are cause that's not right. And if she feels like it wasn't a big deal, then she's just a bitch. Sorry dude.

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