Who do you "confide" to?

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  1. I don't often do it, but when I do, I talk about my enemies and how to eliminate them.
  2. i can talk to my father about anything, he will not judge. i can also talk about a great deal to my grandad. but my father is the one i confide in the most
  3. I have some good friends I've known for practically all my life.
    I tell them everything.
  4. If i even begin to think of opening my mouth "in confidence".......then I've already done myself wrong.
  5. I confide in my best friend, my girlfriend, sister and brother for the different views
  6. I confide mostly with my boyfriend, he's become my best friend and (obviously) more. I know I can tell him anything and he'll be there for me 100%. I'm still kinda in a shock state because even after a year of our insanely natural connection I still can't believe I found exactly what I wanted in a person.
    /sentimental cat
  7. Grandmother Willow.
  8. No one gets full confidence; I limit what I tell each person in my life based on how much the information involves them, and how I think they will react.

    I probably tell my ex girlfriend the most personal things. My mother too, when I talk to her. Sometimes I go see my father and I'd tell him almost anything, except when I've failed or I'm poor :D I talk to my close circle of friends about other things like work, etc.

  9. This.
  10. The subject I would confide :

    How to kill my enemy.

    For real. If I confided, that would be the subject.

    What I need to do before I kill him, how I'm going to kill him, and what I'm going to do after I kill him.

    Obviously it's a serious stuff, and not many people have the stomach for it. So I don't confide this kind of shit with anyone, because... well, I don't want to burden other people with this kind of stuff.


    For now, my plan is to let my enemy kill himself.

    But if he doesn't kill himself soon enough, I might have to change my plan.
  11. My wife. We're pretty tight like that.

    I still have some good friends I'd tell anything too, but when you old and all ya boy got wives, houses and shitty diapers to clean....I see far less of them :)
  12. LMMFAO! Ain't that the truth brother!
  13. My dog. Winston is a good listener!
  14. My cat. She listens better that most anyone, and gives far less judgmental bullshit in return than most human females lol
  15. I use to tell my boyfriend everything but we broke up so now just my cousin, he's really understanding and were so similar. It's crazy though when you break up it really feels like you lose a best friend.
  16. Maryjane...
  17. I confide with you.

    It seems my plan might work. By looking at the condition of his health, which is very poor to say the least, I think he doesn't have too many years left in him.
  18. we should have a counseling thread...

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