Who do you "confide" to?

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  1. Basically this thread is about who you tell your deepest secrets and or problems to. I guess just post it and if you want you can say some examples of what you tell them about.
  2. Hm... who do I confide to...

    People in GC, perhaps?

    In real life, I got no friends who I can 'confide' to... coz... well, people just can't keep their mouth shut... whatever I tell them, they'll tell everyone else.

    But in GC, I can say whatever, and I can be sure it won't follow me into the real world...
  3. No one. Reason being, I don't trust anyone.
  4. I confide in my bros. We talk about this stuff

  5. Hey I feel you guys when you say you have no real friends to confide to man, me too.
  6. What does it mean? 'To confide'?

    To talk about or discuss about certain things, or subjects, which will never reach the ears of another person.
  7. Usually when I confide, I'd be thinking of a secret. And I'm sharing that secret with someone else.

    May be I'm confiding with an old man just to sirt out what's already in my brain. Sometimes I need to talk to another living person, not just on the internet, un order to straighten things out.

    I think it was a good thing that I'm doing this now, coz I would have needed to handle it sometime in the future anyway so why not do this now?
  8. no time like the present GGrass

    I confide mostly in a couple of good friends. But I'm not a big confider..
  9. Oh I have plenty of real friends. Some I would trust with my very life, and have on a few occasions. But I don't trust anyone with information.
  10. Hmm

    I confide in my good friend smith,and my neighbor wesson,let's not forget my cousin ruger :)
  11. I too know Smith and Wesson. My best friend is Glock, but I'm also good buddies with KelTec. I was almost friends with Ruger when I met KelTec, I'll be hooking up with him soon.
  12. No one. As the x-files put it "Trust no one"
  13. My woman, not really a big confider... But when I do get something off my chest I tell it to her. Sometimes it feels good to let shit off my mind knowing she won't judge
  14. My brother & boyfriend<3
    cool guys.
  15. I've been blessed with some of the best friends in the world. Most people struggle even to find one best friend, I have eleven people I can talk to about anything at any time. People I would give a kidney too.
  16. Used to be my homegirl, she was the only one.

    Now its no one, Don't trust people anymore. My dirt is my own to take to the grave with me.

    On a side note, I've been unhappier.
  17. Usually my boyfriend, he is really my best friend so I trust him fully. I used to never trust anyone at all untill him. It feels good to actually trust someone and know they will be there for you.
  18. Usually my sister but I only don't really go into really deep things with her, just things
    that are bothering that I need to get off my chest.
  19. Always my boyfriend. We've known one another for the past couple of years, and I've told him more than I ever told my best friend.

    He's sort of become my best friend I guess.
  20. My husband, my mom, and my sister.

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