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Who cleans resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by elykyle, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. For those who like to taste different strains of dank... Do you clean the resin out of your pipes (i am mainly talking about glass pipes not bongs)? I just figured some people dislike the taste of bud when resin builds up in their pipes.
  2. I dont really care, I would clean it out every once in a while, but I never really cared either way, although it can taste bad at times.
  3. I always clean my pieces when i run out of buds.

    Then I smoke the resin.
  4. I like to let the resin build up so that it will be there for me on harsher days with no bud.
  5. i don't clean for flavor. i clean for the rebate. when i'm snowed in and can't get to my dealer, i scrape and smoke the resin. that's about the only time...
  6. I love smokin it!
  7. i clean resin all the time, hell maybe one day i'll use it to fix my dings in my surfboard
  8. yup, then when im dry i slurp that shit up
  9. I clean my spoon with salt and warm water at least once a week. I love using nice clean glass. Resin is mostly just annoying.
  10. I either clean out resin from my pipe when I'm out of weed or when it's clogged.
  11. I clean it anytime I buy a new strain of dank. I also only smoke dank out of my dank as pipe. I smoke schwagg and mids out of the cheap glass.
  12. I clean my glass everytime I smoke, which is everyday. I go through a lot of salt and alcohol, haha.
  13. Let's just say I have certain glass pieces I use for really good bud. But I have a cheap bong for mids.
  14. i clean my shit out every so often....sometimes i get lazy and wont clean out my piece for does affect the taste.

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