who can help me find the right grinder

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  1. i want a metal one that is good at literally making bud powder. mine doesnt make it as fine as i wish it would be. and i like it to be as fine as possible to put in blunts and papers.
  2. why does it need to be powder? That just going to give you bud scoobies snacks.
  3. Not sure if it's going to get you "powder," but apparently mendo mulchers are about as good as you can get for the money. I think I'm going to get one soon.
  4. Thanks man. And I like powder for paper and blunts as well as bongs and bubblers. Personal thing I find powder hits alot harder and stays cherried.
  5. a simple 2 piece plastic grinder is going to get your bud the most finely ground. i suppose a two piece metal grinder could do the same but its gonna cost 20x more and it has no benefits.
    anything with more than two pieces isnt going to give you that power consistency that your looking for, since the bud falls through the holes and into the next compartment.
  6. Metal certainly does have benefits over plastic.

    But, if you're going to buy a grinder, I'd definitely recommend shopping around online for one. From my experience, grinders in stores are 2 times more expensive than the same grinder online.
  7. If you have a 4 piece grinder already and you don't think it grinds it fine enough, just unscrew the top 2 parts used for grinding and hold it upside down so that nothing falls out, then you can grind it for as long as you want, its the same thing as a 2 piece. It would be a waste of money to get a new grinder, imo at least

  8. like what?

    its really not worth it to buy a $20 two piece metal grinder when you can get a $1 plastic one.
  9. the only differences are quality, durability/longevity, how well/smooth it spins etc.

    its not like those are the things you want in a grinder or anything...
    i like my teeth to stay in place.
    plus, i wouldnt wanna use alcohol to clean a plastic grinder.
  10. you are 100% right. cuz thats what i do.
  11. Except that the $20 metal one will last longer than 20 of the $1 plastic ones.

  12. i understand how you might think that.

    but in all honestly my plastic grinder that came with the volcano has lasted longer than any other grinder i have had.
    it turns smother than any of my metal grinders
    theres no threads to strip
    its next to impossible for the teeth to "move" since its all once piece. even my sharpstone has lost a peg due to grinding a super dense sticky nug

  13. my experience has been the exact opposite. my plastic grinder has lasted around 6 years now and almost all the metal ones have something wrong.
  14. My sharpstone grinder does the job. never had a problem with it
  15. A four piece grinder isn't going to give you a fine grind, at least I haven't seen one that does. The 4p gives a nice fluffy grind with kief collection. If you want powder then a two piece is what you want. Technically a four piece you could just grab the top two layers, flip upside down, and grind away, but even then it isn't "powder".

    Obviously space case is a well made grinder, I've heard good things about the two piece for people wanting a powdery weed substance so they can use their MFLB.
  16. I just got a sharpstone and am very disappointed. I'm still using my old titanium crusher cause I like it better
  17. there ya go!!! i have this same grinder and i absolutely love it. i highly recommend
  18. i dont think that, thats mine and my friends experiences :confused::confused::confused:?

    no disrespect, but just because yours is still going strong doesnt mean its better. it may have better value for you since its still working, but you cant say plastic is more durable than metal.
    and my metal one is all one piece too so my teeth wont move either.
    and if it was a big nug, that kinda makes sense.

    oh, and no 2piece has threads, thatd be kinda stupid so saying that is pointless.

  19. i never said it was better lol. obviously a $40 sharpstone or spacecase is going to be better than a $1 plastic shit grinder.

    all i was alluding to was that contrary to what one may think, for the purposes that the op mentioned, a plastic grinder gets the job done pretty well.

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