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Who can agree?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jham, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. One thing on here that really makes me mad is when people talk about their "trips"....Marijuana is not Shrooms. Marijuana is not LSD....It does NOT make you trip hahah sorry for my rant, it was needed.
  2. Not me. A trip, as in, an altered mind state. You can honestly tell me your mind doesn't feel altered in some way while smoking? Taking a 'trip' to an alternate mind state...

    Though, I do get mad when people btich about terms. If someone wants to call their weed 'DRO' and stuff like that, so be it. Don't be a pot snob, term whore, etc. Just chill out and let people do their own shit, last time I checked marijuana inspires people to be creative, so if they want to say some goofy ass terms to describe it, so be it.
  3. cool story bro
  4. thanks man :p but idk its defiantly interesting hearing different terms just depending on where you from! haha i do enjoy that part.
  5. it doesnt really bother me when people say that cause i have no idea how it affected them, personally i have never "tripped" off weed, but who am i to say they havent. Now on the other hand, all the my weed was laced threads get annoying just because their are so many of them.
  6. exactly if weed was laced as often as people think it is, i'd be smoking laced weed atleast once a week :p
  7. I agree OP. Anyone who claims weed had them tripping has no idea what tripping is actually like.
  8. #8 LightAnother, Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, 2010
    Ergh, who cares?

    Often things appear 'trippy' when I'm high or songs sound 'trippy'.

    But do I have to drop 5 tabs a week to be able to use the term 'trippy'?

    FWIW I have actually taken psilocybin mushrooms and tripped, but effects of marijuana can cause me to feel a little bit confused in normal situations, and therefore 'trippy'.
  9. This is the truth. Many people's "trips" are just them being really baked. MJ doesn't make you trip. Sure it alters perception in a way but in no way comparable to shrooms or peyote or whatever.

  10. for real. Yes id like my 1/8 for 60 with a free side coke lol
  11. I've been on multiple different trips throughout my life, shrooms being a bad one for me, and I can honestly say that sometimes Marijuana does trip me out. Yes it's not nearly the same or as bad, but it would be considered a mind trip (change).
  12. this.
  13. that.
  14. Uhh, you definitely can when you're new and do not know your limits at all. Especially the first couple of times with a bong. Obviously not in the same context of acid, but mind-altering none the less.
  15. ive tripped but never from weed
  16. it doesn't really bother me..i just think "oh, another dumb thread...someone's gonna make a thread complaining about this one"

  17. LMFAO. this guy.
  18. I think sometimes people can misinterpret the word "trip" though. I say it all the time. "I'm trippin." can mean like... "my bad, you're right" "You're trippin me out." - You're confusing me.
    I don't mean I'm like WHOOOAAA, I AM ON A TRIP, LOOK AT THAAAT. I just mean... lol. Whatever... I can't explain it. Anyone?

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