Who Better To Ask Then The Pros// Same Strain?

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    I have 7 plants growing, all thought to be THC bombs,6 of them all look the same and are growing the same,short bushy plants, with wide leaves as seen here 003.JPG
    but one of them is growing very tall it has to be at least 3 times taller them the rest and has narrow leaves   the THC BOMBS are a indca domanant strain but this last plant looks like a sativa......... 002.JPG .............any opinions or thoughts????/
    Another thing I think I should add That sativa looking plant is 4 weeks yonger than the rest and it is growing way faster and taller than the rest.... here you can check out my grow to see what I mean as far as how they are growing......http://forum.grasscity.com/hydroponic-growing/1214304-okaymy-babies-got-flipped-yesterday.html

  2. Known in the biz ....as a variable, some slip thru all this hi tech we have, then again, maybe a seed dropped from the table to the pack, in the seed bank, either way is a freak and should be treated as such....terminate, or breed ...?
  3. It broke my heart to do so but I yanked it,while it was in my pots my PH levals kept dropping after every feed cycle,now that I removed it my PH levals have become stable at 5.8,I think removingthat one plant did my other 6 plants a world of good.....

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