Who are you?

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  1. You're not your name.
    You're not your gender.
    You're not your economic class, you are not your 5 senses.
    You're not your arms, or your legs, or your heart, or your ears or your brain.

    These are all just titles..
    So who are you?!

    Self Inquiry is fascinating and I think it's a pretty good way to get to enlightenment.
    Someone asked the Buddha who he was and he answered "I am Awareness."

  2. I am every person I've ever met
    I am every song I've ever heard
    I am every experience I've ever had
    I am nothing more than the accumulation of everything up until now
  3. I like to imagine innerself as a simple orb, like a giant cell membrane in the center of my brain. It's the true me, that's the inner mind.

    The outer mind which surrounds that orb, is all the shit that consumes me. Mostly the material things in life along with the human ranking system, it's the part of humans that I like to imagine that destroys us. Maybe those who meditate all their life find that inner orb, from there they see how life truely is.
  4. I am existence.
  5. I have been told by the sages of old "Know thyself" but I disagree, knowledge is not necessary. Instead become thyself, constantly. I have but one silent name. I am become
  6. I am. I am. I am.

  7. another yourself.
  8. I am those things though.
  9. I am my experiences
    I am conscious
  10. I am the soul, because the soul is all likeness.

    That is, if you are referring to the "I" conundrum. As in, how you can define yourself, who or what you are.
  11. i am my body, for my body allows me to be. one day my body will not allow me to be so i will cease to exist.
  12. I'm no one else.
  13. There's no such thing as me.

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