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Who are YOU?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. I'm a 19 year old kid that is high off his gourde :)
    I like heavy metal music, hangin out with my buds, smokin buds :p And talkin to you great ppl after a nice smoke session in teh room :)

    ... so who are YOU?
  2. Your fucking twin!
  3. o_O whoa... thats cool dude.. u must get mad women then huh? ;P
  4. An 18 year old punk/hopeless romantic, who thinks too much and says too little. A recent stoner, who fell in love with the good ol' bud the first time we met.
  5. I AM ROSE.....:D
  6. haha hell yeah gal. How ya doin rose, nice ta meet u :) I just never got a chance to really meet many of the other tokers on here formally. So, Whats up, I'm Jason.
  7. Well, I'm 20 - not 19. so close. mad chicks would be over exagerating, but almost enough is a little closer to the truth.
  8. hehe mad chicks is overexagerated :p i know this all to well

    Still, its cool to know that there are moer ppl out there that smoke pot, and then put in some heavy a fck, metal :)
  9. i



  10. I'm a 21 year old professional slacker. I'm a science nerd who's mainly into astronomy and biology. I like sports cars and sportbikes, but I'll probably never own one. I'm also an artist, but I've had a bad case of artists' block lately. Right now weed is the best thing in my life. I'm also a Simpsons fan.
  11. i was a punk until i started smoking weed a little under 3 years ago.

    now im a big stoner, im into bob marley and all sorts of mellow music, i play hockey and snowboarding is the best damn thing ever..... tied for first with good weed
  12. well, i love the bud!!!! i'm 30 turnin 31 soon, a mom of 2, married for 7yrs. i work in our trauma center here in admitting. plan on goin to school for something, still don't know what i want to be when i grow up, lol. i love reading and schmoookin the green. and that's who i am, a mom, a wife, an admitting clerk and a bud lover. i'm in love with bud. oooooo baby bud i smell u................come hither my bud.;)
  13. lets see...
    I'm 20, I'll be 21 this comming july!
    I'm a sophomore E-Business Major at a private university in north Texas.
    I would call myself an electronica music coniseur (sp?). I love all different types of electronica music and I love to try to produce it.

    I'm into some of the arts, I played the Tuba, I'm into ceramics and I recently just started some glass blowing classes....
  14. hey glass bowling, that's cool! u can make some cool stuff!

  15. Ieee! Me too. I'll be 21 on the 13th of July.

    I'm working at a bagel shop until this summer when I plan on getting my CDL. I plan on driving trucks to put myself through college. I want to go to school for graphic design.

    I am engaged to a guy named Fred (drummer81).

    And I am the coolest stoner you'd ever meet. ( :rolleyes: )
    I don't know what other kind of category you could put me in. I can't define myself by the music I listen to or how I dress, because I listen to all different kinds of things and I don't care how I look anymore.

    So I'm just a stoner, nothin' fancy.

    Oh, and I'm one of your friendly local moderators. :D
  16. hmm... I'm am 18 years old. Haven't been smoking but for two years, but prior to that I flipped a lot. That first time.. as soon as the weed hit the brain, the man thought he came. I haven't missed a day for a year now. Not really much to brag about. Hm, I'm in my second quarter of college going for a network specialist degree. I'm really into computers.. and games, I love games. I like my cars too.. cars are good. And I like all kinds of music.. I think highgirly420 said it best.. "i like any kind of music that sounds good to my ears at the time".
  17. I'm a 21.989041096 year old (4 days 'till my b-day) male living in Michigan. I'm currently underemployed, but I get by thanks in great part to my parents. That also means that I don't get to smoke as much as I'd like, at least not until the employment situation improves. I drive a 1978 VW Microbus that currently needs new front brakes, thus, until my parts arrive, I'm quite stuck at home.

    I'm a geek. I'm very much into comptuers, gadgets, electronics... anything with lots of buttons. But, above and beyond that, I'm a knowledge thirster, a cranial sponge. That is, a sponge for topics I find interesting or important. The last clause provides a great deal of pain in my life as school has never been easy for me. So much crap to learn that I'm never going to use!! As such, I'm a college dropout. I've tried the road of traditional education and just can't make it work for me.
  18. well im adam, im from bc.

    i reaaallly like weed. i always try to get in a nice smoke before bed, and i like to keep a big bag of weed all the time, whether i want to smoke alot or not, its just comforting to know its there. My skills with the ladies have just recently showed their face... come on sort of quick and scared me, but alot more seem to dig me than i previously thought... maybe i changed alot in the last year??? either way it doesnt matter, ive got a sweetheart girlfriend that i think ill be with forever.

    I love the sun! I like to be out in the sun. I love dusk, around 8oclock pm right now is my favourite time of day. i LOVE sunday!! I just sit back and smoke allll day. I have no job right now, OUCH! but thats ok. I drive an 88 Chevy S10, its a bute!

    I dont read NEARLY as much as i should, for how much i enjoy it atleast. I love to read science journals. Any new science REALLY interests me. i love string theory. Physics is incredibly interesting to me. I love understanding how the world works.

    Im easy going, nice to everyone i meet, like making new friends, and find a "dork" as you could say's opinions fascinating! i love getting other points of view from people not like me. I love arguing with an intelligent person about topics we are totally opposite on, especially if we cant reach and agreement, except that we should stop talking and go blaze.

    i can be really funny if need be, but dont like to try and be funny very often, im good at dropping the right line at the right time and getting a big laugh out of friends. inside jokes are awesome.

    and i LOVE BLONDES!! (sorry ladies... hahah :p )

    so thats adamBC, as of January 22, 2004.
  19. i'm 27 and frankly, i've been lost the past 3yrs. the only thing i truely know about myself is that i love books, any book, any genre, any size. the only thing i love more than books is weed.
  20. Who am I?
    I've tried to answer that question for the loooongest times until I finally realized that I'm only me :) I really can't be put into a a first impression someone would stereotype me as an urban "hoodlum" dresses in hip-hop clothing, listens to nothin but commercial rap and r&b, makes bad grades, doesn't care about anything, but in actuality I pride myself on learning and gaining more knowledge purely for my own satisfaction...I love learning, probably my most favoritest thing in the wold is MUSIC!!! :D I like almost any type of music, only genre I really don't listen to is classical, everything other genre I can find at least a hand full (if not more) of artists I enjoy. Even though I try to hide it for fear of being hurt again I am a very romantic person...and I can't help but get close to girls that I get involved with, um...I also am into clothes for some reason...I'm currently training to be a computer technician and I love working on computers...I can get along with almost anyone I meet as long as they're a good person :) Sadly though, most people around here only know one side of me because they don't understand my other sides = / lol I love weed! lol...but to make a long story short...I'm a deep thinker...a stoner...a optimist and the only way to actually know me is to interact with me = ] and I think that after I've been here long enough...most people here will have a pretty good idea of me because I feel that it's so easy to be open with everyone here :D

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