Who are you voting for in the 2012 presidential election? (U.S. poll)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PeruvianDank, Jan 23, 2012.

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    And if you aren't American, who would you vote for?
  2. You should make an actual poll. Even though there have already been plenty of similar threads/polls.
    Anyway, Obama.
  3. Rick Santorum is my new favorite. He would take military action against Iran and is pro life even in cases of rape and incest!!

  4. There is a poll above. I searched but I didn't find a poll like this, very similar though.

  5. Ah, I must have posted before the poll was up. Voted!
  6. santorum for the win
  7. And the other candidates wouldn't take military actions against Iran? Or do you mean, Santorum wants to attack Iran out of the blue? Because so far Iran has done nothing to us for us to declare war on them.

    Those are the only two reasons why you're going to vote for him?

    Only in America people vote for selfish reasons and not to the benefit of the whole nation.
  8. Hmm well.. I believe in freedom and liberty while sheeple are swayed by stupid shit like war with Iran like we have ANY say AT ALL in that..

    If you fall for that bull shit you are no better than all the sheeple who voted for Obummer. Easily minipulated... This time by fear of a WW..

    Legalize freedom RP2012

    He's the best we've got.
  9. No one, it's all fucking rigged.

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Ya Santorum! Lets all get drafted! [​IMG]

  12. Can't say your wrong but untill we have solid evidence of this, we must do what we can..

    Even if Ron Paul doesn't win he has awoken thousands:)

    The Man is already a legend.

    Can't say much anything about Rick except that it seems he will sell his and his childrens souls to be the next president.. What does that say?? He's fucking lying people! Damn...
  13. The Poll is kind of irrelevant at this point.
    We don't even know who is going to be on the ballot.
    I'd like to wait until the primaries are over and debate between the official candidates ensue.
    Also, I am so fucking sick of this 2 party system. Fuck the dems. fuck the repubs.
  14. Its a survey to see what candidate people would most likely vote for. 3 of those republicans won't be up for voting anyways, its just hypothetical. :)
  15. Vermin Supreme
  16. I'm voting Vermin as well. I figure he's a bit less wacky than most of the candidates.
  17. I thought Obama would be kind of even with Ron Paul in this forum, gotta say I'm surprised :)

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