Who are you jealous of?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hot Rod, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Title says it all.

    and before anybody says I'm not jealous of anybody, I will accuse you of lying unintentionally because I before thought the same thing but after smokin some og and watching the Chappelle show I'm jealous of everybody who got a chance to be in the audience for any of the shows.
  2. Anyone who got to see Jerry Garcia in concert.

    I have so much love and respect for that man.
  3. Jesus. I never had anyone believe in me :eek:

    :smoking: :D
  4. Only person I can think of would have to be Hugh Hefner......
  5. My Pre calc teachers boyfriend:cool:
  6. When I was a child...I caught a fleeting glimpse, Out of the corner of my eye...

    I am jealous of those who had a real loving family...I never had a family...my family is rich, but money does not guarantee happiness...money can never and will never substitute for true love, or a ruined childhood.
  7. Anyone who has success. I consider myself pretty successful for my age but I can't help always wanting more and to be better than all my peers... even peers who don't have any effect on my career.

  8. Just smoked to that song. :smoking:
  9. I think it works for me.
  10. Who ever gets paid to test ride roller coasters.
  11. no one. jealousy makes you an ignorant human being
  12. Justin Bieber? He's the same age as me but he has $110 Million & Selena Gomez is fucking sexy. Plus all the bitches want his dick. No homo.
  13. My hand. Because it gets more sex than me.
  14. Only time I really felt jelious is when I was on my morning jog and I ran past a father and his youg son playing catch with a baseball. As I was running past them I got super angry at all the flashbacks I got from my father.

    " Some fathers don't deserve the love of their son." American horror story
  15. This right here
    Dont even care about the money selena gomez is amazing
  16. Skinny girls.
  17. ill play your game ;]

    probably any teen father who started doing the right thing right off the bat for their child.

    but what first came to mind to this thread is you shouldnt be jealous, because thats just a negative mindset, and you should earn your own happiness so jealousy doesnt exist.
  18. People with money... People with cool shit... People with caring families.... People with nice lives

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