Who Are you and why are you where you are?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by UncommonCold, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Title.

    Until you know yourself, how are you supposed to know anything else?
  2. I'm ~MOTM~ and i'm here because my folks put me here to be tested
  3. i forgot where i parked
  4. Tested by who?
  5. This reminds me of a 'discovery' I had a few months ago, which I completely forgot about.

    The only thing worth knowing is one's self. In fact, the ONLY thing one can know is one's self.
  6. You are what you think, simple as that.

  7. I am I as so are you, I am here as so are you, I am here because of why am I here.
  8. I'm me, and I am a unique experiment of nature.
  9. Greetings all!

    Agalloch that quote is amazing thank you!

    Im also with H20H2O

    I am I , I am the I, I in I , or simply InI

    You are me and I am You as everything is in the I!

    ONE is what I am and aspire to be.
    One with everyone, everything that has ever been and will ever be.
    One love :D
    Thats where I came from , love.
    I am nowhere and everwhere at the same time, My illusion of where I am geographically is just that... an illusion.

    Peace, Love, Unity

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