who´s the man??... God is the man.

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  1. hey, I just wanted to said that I see Jesus as a very close friend, and I am glad.

    well, he is always giving me signs of everything, even for smoking. hehhee.

    the best one, and most unexpected, was in school, i was in the classroom, and I was seeing some math exercises, and in a problem, i saw like two names, of product or something.

    anyway, the names were

    old smokey
    blaze away.


    I didn´t expect that kind of sign in a school paper, so i had to obey it (hehehehe).

    and for example, today i got signs for not smoking. I usually smoke in the school bathroom, it takes me about one or two minutes, with a little pipe, and set a friend to keep watch at the entrance, and everybody decided to go to the bathroom at that time. Damn, I couldn´t smpke. I even said, "Hey, Jesus, one more interruption, and I won´t smoke", . and i didn´t. And today, after that, happened a lot of shit in school that I won´t describe. Man, Jesus is SOOOO cool, man.

    I got a tatoo in my chest, from Dogma movie, the buddy christ. The pic is in the thread Jesus loves you.

    after all, i think that´s what He expects from us, to love him, and be good persons. that´s it...... AND HE ALLOWS SMOKING =) God is the man.

  2. lol Right on.
  3. on cloud 9 haha...stay high

  4. Right on, +rep for you :)
  5. dr suess is my personal savior.
  6. god is whatever you want it to be

  7. and since we are all 'one with', then we each are also the man.

    ... you da man!


    well done. :);):p:D
  8. No, you're the man! :wave:
  9. Please don't limit God, to genitals.
  10. You're the man or woman!
  11. Jesus is telling you to smoke in the school bathroom?

  12. Not my Jesus. We all do things we shouldn't and we definitely shouldn't acredit it to Christ's wishes.

    Man this thread is ancient.
  13. Haha, man I didn't even notice until I saw your post. Some dedicated necromancy, a 0 reply thread from many years ago!
  14. You know what Christ's wishes are?
    "I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." - Susan B Anthony.

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