Whitest Kids U' Know

Discussion in 'General' started by quasimoto, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. hahahaha, the ending clinched it.
  2. lol, that was really funny. They have a lot of great sketches.
  3. Hahha, Thas was funny. I thought it was gay until the ending.

    This a show? Aient never heard of it.
  4. Pizza's Not For Breakfast!
  5. That was hillarious. Most of their stuff is pretty funny.

  6. Haha yeah the end made the whole skit
  7. That was hilarous lol. Fucking great shit.
  8. that was some fuckin funny shit!
  9. hahaha yea i was thinkin it sucked till the end
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  11. ^Lol, Ive seen that clip before.

    Aient seen no episodes on my normal site for this show.....
  12. kick ass for sure........

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