Whitening of the clouds.

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  1. wow this is a really really stupid idea. I mean if your going to try it, START WITH A SMALL AREA, you don't know the after effects of it. Plus, if your putting salt particles into the clouds, doesn't that mean buildings and shit will decay faster? And I just love the fact that these corporations can just walk around acting like they own the place. Fuck them and fuck bill gates
  2. faceplam is i have to say:confused:
  3. the global warming scare is really going too far ya kno
  4. you cant be so afraid of new things. its thinking like this that holds us back. yeah it seems like your playin with fire and all but then again where would humans be if we didnt really play with fire? advances in geoengineering could really offset the damage we've done to our planet over the years.

    also for the record, Gates is primarily interested in this technology because if it works you could rapidly lower the temperature of a large area that say a massive huricane is about of pass over and that drop of temp. would essentially cut off the huricanes fule source and kill it before it hits land. no more katrinas.
  5. I am thrilled by scientific prospects such as these. Ace7644, here is some rep!
  6. ^ weednotcrack thats some crazzzzy shit :eek:

    Here in China, the government uses weather rockets to control weather for world-stage events and to maximize the crop yield. Now I don't know enough science to explain the scientific effects of these rockets. But I know from just looking up into the sky everyday that the pollution here is fucking terrible. This year it seemed as if the entire season of spring just ceased to exist. Up until late April, the weather was still the same as it was during the winter, with a few days of sunshine through the months of March and April. Fucking depressing. Now in May, there have there have been several days of almost summer-like heat; hot, dry weather close to 30C. Funny how this burst of sunshine happened leading up to the opening day of the Shanghai Expo :rolleyes:
  7. We've been trying to alter the weather by putting things into clouds since 1903, don't worry :cool:
  8. I say forget making them more white and lets just dye them many different colors? Green clouds, red clouds, blue clouds, it goes on forever. Maybe we should just black them out and send us to the next ice age?:hello:

  9. ewwww..EWWWW..EWWWWWWW!! ,no wonder everyone has all these mental fu*k ups,no wonder everyone has cancer,and they won't even stop the problem,they just give it a band aid,they band aid everything.There's no were to run :eek: .....(Revolution Time :metal:)
  10. Part of the reason you see so many people with cancer now is because we live much longer than our ancestors did.

    Imagine being elderly in your 40s... or even your 20s!
  11. or because we are bathed in carcinogenic chemicals in our food and everyday products all day every day:eek:
  12. the important aspect, I believe, is that we are willing to discuss matters, openly
  13. I never knew that clouds were full of bacteria, which apparently have activity in nucleating the formation of ice crystals (precursors to rain and snow):

    Earth's Clouds Alive With Bacteria | LiveScience

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