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  1. Hey guys, 21 days in to flowering White Widow, so im getting ready for my next grow. Maybe a little premature as its my first grow but just in case all works out i want to be ready.

    I have planned 3 plants using Scrog method (5x White Widow Previous grow) i want to veg a couple of weeks longer this time so im using two plants less than before.

    Im gonna have one cutting from my best White Widow plant, 1 White Widow X Big Bud from seed and 1 x Ice from seed Ive sown 3 seeds each and all 6 have come through fine (all Feminized).

    Question Is the increase in yeild from WW X BB worth the drop in potency from WW? Also the site i bought the seeds from (feminisedseeds.nl) said that Ice is from the WW strain and is as good as WW but with a slightly better yeild, does anyone have any info to say this is true.

    Im growing all three to see what plant suits my growing inviroment and what plant suits me toking it.

    PS pics of propagation and vegetation room to follow


  2. Hey man, Im currently growing Ice too from a seed, one of the books I have can be found online Welcome to The Good Bud Guide! and you can just flip through the pages online. But it has Big Bud, White Widow Original and WW #2, and Ice. Many more too, check it out.

    --My bad.. they are sample pages, but if you can find a pdf of that online it will have all of those buds in there, you can see the table of contents online. The only thing that this book is missing is "Scratch and Sniff" Pictures.... :D
  3. Scratch and sniff lmao, now that would be the invention of this century. Really no matter what replies i get im going ahead with the proposed grow cus i just want to see for myself as you well know different environments = different plants just wanted to know if ww x bb is as good as ww.

    Thanks for the help man happy toking

  4. Ive grown several white widow variations from several different seed banks, and also recently ive just got down growing Big Bud from nirvana. My big bud grow was documented in my 08 indoor grow which you can find a link to in my signature.
    I was really impressed with Big Bud. I found both potencey and yeild to be great. Obviously the yeild since that is what the strain was for, but potencey was just fine. In saying that, i have grown several different types of white widow like i said, and Big Bud didnt let me down at all when it came to potencey compaired to the various white widow strains ive grown in the past years. From my personal expierence you shouldnt be at all dissopointed in the potencey compaired to white widow, and if you are, the yeild will make up for it lol. Yes, ive actually had buds bend the branches to the point of almost snapping on big bud plants, i used a lot of string tieing them up.. lol Colas were a whole differnt story...

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