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  1. I have two WW plants that appear to be thriving. Grown from seed, they began to pre-flower at 8 weeks, so it was easy to spot these female beauties that are now covered in little buds all over. They just turned 10 weeks today, and my question is, can I put them into flowering now or should I wait a few more weeks? I know if I switch to 12/12 for the next 8 weeks, I will have some glorious buds waiting. What I don't know is if I am going to get a less potent crop because I didn't stay in vegetative growth for a full three months?
    Would love to post pix, but I don't know how.
  2. Those things are prob pretty big right now man! I just did the EXACT same thing you did (Time frames) with WW (4 of them under 1000w) however I am just starting week 8 of flower (So I'm 8 weeks ahead of you right now). I would first prepare for those ladies to double in size. They get much bigger. My buds look great. I hope to chop them down this week some time. My tichs are still a bit cloudy. Good luck to you man!!

    BTW- to post pics, you load them onto your computer and then click on the "Paperclip Symbol" when writing your post. You should be good form there. I'd like to see these ladies...:D
  3. yes put them onto 12/12...my opinion ,you've gave them a good veg period allready;)

    indoor grows dont need specific times for vegging ,its your preference,style of grow & grow room dimensions that dictate how long you want to veg.

    all the best:smoke:
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    Many thanks for the responses. Now that I know it's ok, I'm going to ease them down a bit from their 24-hour lite schedule before going into 12/12.
    I forgot to mention that each girl has three 150w CFLs (that each use 42w of pwr), so I don't expect they're as big as those grown under non-CFL. But I'm very pleased with progress so far, especially considering that a light fell on this one and knocked out several layers of branches with buds. Not sure if the trauma caused her to sprout up skinny on top or if that is simply a stretch to the lite.
    Next I will take a few cuttings in case the injured ones don't make it. I am about to augment with red LED lites for the next 65 days, so that should help as well during flowering, along with some 0-18-0 bat guano. Sound like a plan?

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  5. Currently 5 weeks into flowering on this WW clone. How does she look?

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  6. Beautiful. Done and ready by the looks of those hairs. My WW test is at 10 days from seed right now and is a very big leafed missy. Can't wait to see what she does for me.


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